Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with Android discounted at an unbeatable price

This is a tablet that offered more than enough power to even consider using it as if it were a laptop (For this, you must use a Bluetooth keyboard or one of the covers that include this component and that also protect the product we are talking about). Among the most notable characteristics of the device we are talking about is that it has one of the most advanced screens of the moment in the high-end segment, since the component of 11 inch has a resolution of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels and the Palermo is used allows a frequency of up to 120 Hz. Without a doubt, excellent in this section.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 gray

Other good options in what has to do with the integrated hardware is very important to bear in mind that the processor used by the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, an eight-core SoC and what is one of the most powerful that is currently integrated into tablets. In addition, this is a model that has 6 GB RAM So there is no problem when running all kinds of Android applications, whether they are games or all those that have to do with the professional section (an example is image editors or office tools). The fact is that its performance is excellent.

With everything you may need

An example of this that we say is that, if you are one of those who demand an attractive design, this is also offered by the tablet we are talking about, since it has aluminum as a finish and quite striking lines. In addition, its weight is below 500 grams so taking it from one place to another is quite comfortable especially if you get a case that protects the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. In addition, it also has other good details such as the inclusion of four speakers To fully enjoy the sound of all the content you want to play and in what has to do with autonomy there is excellent news: exceeds 10 hours without many problems with just a charge of its 8,000 mAh battery. Ideal for all kinds of uses.

Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 with S Pen

Good discount to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

If everything you have read convinces you, you should know that right now you can buy this tablet on Amazon for only 555 euros, a figure that is not bad at all considering that we speak that this is a last generation model in the catalog of the Korean company. Without associated shipping costs in the case you have a Prime account, you should know that the storage capacity offered by the model was on sale is 128 GB (expandable by microSD cards), more than enough to avoid having to constantly resort to cloud options. This is the link you have to use so as not to miss the opportunity:

We do not want to stop commenting what has to do with connectivity, there is very good news in this model, such as that it has WiFi 6 or that the charging port is USB type C. In addition, it has other good details that are sure to convince you, such as compatibility with the stylus. S Pen or offering several options to increase security when accessing information on the tablet.

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