Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + with an irresistible discount: 150 euros

The model we are talking about is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +, which is possibly the most powerful that the Korean company has launched to date and which also includes a screen that makes it completely different and is a good option as a tablet to replace laptops. We say this because the integrated panel is 12.4 inch with QHD resolution -2,800 x 1,752 pixels- and has the particularity of offering a frequency of 120 Hz, which allows you to fully enjoy all types of content, especially those related to multimedia (games and videos, for example).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + tablet screen

As we have indicated before, the performance that can be achieved with this device is simply excellent, sing it running the application is very demanding as when running the Android operating system that it uses. The fact is that inside this computer you will find a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus powerhouse that blends seamlessly with nothing less than 6 GB RAM. The result of what we say is an exceptional user experience that will convince you for all kinds of uses, both in a personal and professional field (where it should be noted that if a Bluetooth keyboard is used, it is possible to remove a performance more than interesting).

An excellent offer that we recommend you evaluate

To date we had not seen such a significant discount to get this Samsung tablet. Right now it’s a 17% savings that exists in Amazon to be able to have it at home. This is 150 euros less than what you would normally have to pay to have it sent to you from the aforementioned online store (by the way, if you have a Prime account, the expenses for this reason do not exist). We leave you the link that you have to use to make the purchase from home and get this device that is finished in aluminum and that has a weight of only 575 grams… which is not bad for the dimensions of your screen.

Important things about this Samsung tablet

Among the first that we must comment is that the internal storage is 128GB, a quite remarkable amount that it is possible to increase using memory cards in case you need it. In addition, despite the power offered by this equipment, the autonomy that can be used is one of the best you will find on the market, since it is exceeds eight hours of normal use without you having any restriction on the use of the integrated screen. Therefore, it is a model that can be considered more than correct to use even when you leave home.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + tablet with black background

With all that we have indicated, and taking into account that it does not lack WiFi and USB type C, Right now it is a great opportunity to buy this model that has a stereo speaker system that is highly recommended because, among other things, it is certified by AKG. One final detail: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + includes a pair of high-resolution cameras, which is ideal for video conferencing, and it also offers stylus support. S Pen.

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