Tablet Apple iPad Pro now reduced to 340 euros and without shipping costs

This is one of the models more complete that can currently be found on the market, and the truth is that it includes all the necessary condiments so that you can from editing videos and images such as enjoying all kinds of multimedia content (where there is no lack of 4K videos or those that are hosted in online platforms). And, all this, with a design that is completely recognizable that does not lack high-quality materials, such as the aluminum.

Tablet Apple iPad Pro gray

The model that is on sale is the one with a screen of 10.5 inch, more than enough dimensions so that if combined with a keyboard compatible with the Apple iPad Pro this device becomes a perfect replacement for laptops. And, in addition, you will take advantage of the low weight that this tablet has, since does not exceed the kilo and therefore carrying it from one place to another is very comfortable. It is important to comment that the resolution of the integrated IPS panel is high (2,224 x 1,668 pixels) and has True Tone technology, so that everyone you see gets it with high quality.

Offer that is simply amazing

If you think that an Apple iPad Pro is what you need, now you have an excellent option to buy on eBay, since the model that is in promotion has a discount that reaches 39%. A figure rarely seen in products from the Cupertino company. The fact is that you save 340 euros, so we believe that this device is a great purchase option for which you will not have to add money for shipping home. We leave the link that you have to use to get the tablet we are talking about that has silver color.

Very good options in this Apple iPad Pro

One of the ones that we think you have to clearly assess is that autonomy easily exceeds the ten hours of typical use (and it is not strange to reach twelve), so it surpasses many of the laptops on the market today. In addition, you will not have problems when it comes to connectivity, since for example this device includes both Wifi to access the internet as Bluetooth so that you can use all kinds of accessories such as wireless headphones. Another good detail is that this model does not lack Touch ID to ensure good security.

iPad Pro

In what has to do with the integrated hardware, the processor inside this Apple iPad Pro there is a A10X Fusion processor powerful that allows the operating system used by this computer to be handled with ease. In addition, it has a storage of 256 GB, so the equipment is perfectly equipped. Finally, it is important to comment that it does not lack quality cameras that allow 4K recordings on the back and HD videoconferences on the front.

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