Surprise this Children’s Day with the most incredible Telcel gifts!

Any special detail that a child receives is always a great illusion for them. However, if your plans are to pamper them on this Children’s Day and offer them something that not only fills them with fun, but also great technology, at Telcel we share two great smartwatch options that will undoubtedly fascinate them.

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Connect to their fun this Children’s Day!

Movetime Family Watch MT40

With the clock Movetime Family Watch MT40 kids can make calls and video calls as well as send messages with emojis to any of their friends. Plus, the design is incredibly dynamic, available in blue and pink, and best of all, you can take selfies with your siblings and friends.

Not to mention that thanks to an application that you can download to your smartphone, you can monitor their location and receive alerts if they leave certain areas.

Waffle Knob

Another great option is the Waffle Knob, a smart watch that promotes children’s independence with the peace of mind of knowing where they are at all times. In addition, they can make or receive calls with contacts that you configure, such as grandparents, cousins ​​and their best friends. Not to mention, the Waffle Knob is perfect for activities, as you can set times for homework, television, sleep, and they can even learn languages!

Whichever is your favorite, you can both find them in the Telcel online store so that not only you, but your whole family can enjoy the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the best coverage.

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Don’t think twice, the ideal gift for any child is a smartwatch, which perfectly combines technology with fun. Pamper them this Children’s Day!

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