Super Mario Bros. becomes the most expensive video game in history

Closed copy of Super Mario Bros. auctioned for more than 13 million pesos, positioning itself as the most expensive game in history

The market for video game It is one of the most lucrative industries, not only because of the new games but there is also great opportunity for collectors looking to have unique pieces.

Artifacts that are sealed and in their original packaging end up fetching a price that significantly exceeds the original. This was demonstrated by the auction of a closed copy from Super Mario Bros.

The game belongs to the first copies of NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and reckon it would have been part of a 1986 batch.

“This particular copy was manufactured in late 1986, and it was one of the first copies to have a shrink wrap instead of an adhesive seal. By early 1987, Nintendo was already producing a new variation of its original packaging. Because the production period for this copy and others like it was so short, finding another copy of this same production in similar conditions would be like looking for a single drop of water in the ocean, ”stressed the Heritage Auctions auction house.

According to the Endgadget portal, the copy is one of the first compressed versions of the successful console Nintendo that could be bought in the United States. So it got a lot of attention from collectors.

Nintendo once again has the most expensive sold game in history

In a auction of the Heritage Auctions house with 13 bidders, the winner was able to obtain the game after paying more than 13 million pesos (660 thousand dollars) for the copy from Super Mario Bros. In this way he becomes the videogame most expensive ever.

Even counting consoles and other titles in gaming history, in fact it is almost double the price of its previous competitor.

Experts point out that its price is due to the rarity of the closed copy from Super Mario Bros. due to the short period of time during which it was distributed.

The second article of video game Most expensive ever was a strange Nintendo PlayStation video game console.


“The console combines the Sony stamp on the top, the square design of an NES and the white color of the second version of the PS1. In addition, it has the characteristic Nintendo controls “

The third best-selling item is a copy of Super Mario Bros 3, also sealed.

It is not uncommon for closed copy from Super Mario Bros. has reached this figure, as Mario Bross is the most popular video game since it was released in 1983.


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