Sunshine Contacts App Review – An AI Based app to Manage Contacts

Sunshine, Marissa Mayer’s startup, debuts with the launch of an AI-based app that promises to change the way you manage your contacts. A startup that was born in 2018, in collaboration with Enrique Munoz Torres, after his departure from Yahoo! and now makes the launch of its first product official.

Sunshine Contacts

Sunshine – A New app to organize your contacts

This application for iOS, called Sunshine Contacts, uses artificial intelligence to manage users’ contacts in the background. A dynamic that promises to save time by solving typical problems when organizing contacts, for example, that there are duplicates, outdated or incomplete information, among other factors.

A dynamic that is based on contact information and addresses in Gmail and in the Contacts app on iOS. So you will have a very complete contact book , with all your contacts organized in one place and all the information you need from each of them … phone numbers, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

And on the other hand, it also allows us to share contact information with other users and allows them to have our updated data. A dynamic that will work between users with Sunshine Contacts.

It also has some additional functions, for example, when it detects that you want to communicate with a certain contact, it will show you relevant content so that you have context for your interaction. And you can use location to facilitate the exchange of information.

Sunshine Contacts can be downloaded for free from the App Store , but only for invited users. To do this, you just have to leave your phone number in this link and wait for the Sunshine team to send you the invitation.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Sunshine App Goals by Marissa Mayer

Both Marissa Mayer and Enrique Torres worked together at Google and Yahoo! And the idea of ​​creating this startup came up before leaving Yahoo! with the premise of offering tools that help users save time by improving their organization in different areas.

And as mentioned on its platform, that objective is maintained by creating applications that take advantage of new technologies to simplify daily activities. For example, the use of algorithms to automate daily tasks, or put in order those digital areas that become chaos in a short time, such as contacts, emails.

So Sunshine Contacts is the first in a series of releases that aim to revolutionize the way users plan and organize different aspects of their digital life.

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