Subiquity, the new installer that we can test in Ubuntu 21.10

Subiquity, upcoming Ubuntu installer

Ubuntu released its first version in October 2004 and since 2006 uses Ubiquity as its installer. Although it continues to work, the truth is that it has been stagnant for years, and this is something that is especially noticeable when we install other operating systems, such as Kubuntu or Manjaro. Calamares is one of the installers that is being liked the most today, but Canonical is preparing a version of Subiquity with graphical interface, a new installer that we can take a look at in Ubuntu 21.10.

All this is being debated for a few hours in the official Ubuntu forum, in a thread opened by Martin Wimpress where we can also see more screenshots. The Ubuntu MATE project leader, who has also been a key part of Canonical’s design team for some time, explains that will stop using Ubiquity, something that we will begin to see this October, but whose objective is to be the default installer in the next LTS version of Canonical’s operating system, that is, in Ubuntu 22.04.

Subiquity, the next Ubuntu installer

Subiquity will use Curtin. Wimpress mentions that they intend to deliver a consistent and robust installation experience for the entire Ubuntu family, but that does not mean that, for example, Kubuntu is going to leave its installer to use this new one. In the Ubuntu family you refer to, we find, for example, Ubuntu Server, who already uses this installer.

Canonical has collaborated with Flutter, from Google, and they started working on this Subiquity with the aim of having a preliminary version available for next October, coinciding with the launch of Ubuntu 21.10 Hirsute Hippo. At that time, Ubiquity will remain the default installer, but Subiquity will become the only option in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS IAdjective IAnimal.

Canonical says that Ubiquity will continue to be available in the Ubuntu archives for official flavors, remixes and derivatives so that they can continue to be used in your images, but most likely, most of them will decide on another option in the short medium term.

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