Stranger Things: season 4 will have two parts and 5 will be the last

Three long years is what viewers have had to wait to return to the strange town of Hawkins. Netflix’s most successful youth series gave us its third season in 2019 and several setbacks were experienced to materialize its return. But it seems that no setback was bigger than setting up a season 4 of stranger things which will be the prelude to the grand finale.

The creators of the series recently confessed that conceiving season 4 of stranger things It was more complicated than normal. To test the time that will pass between the previous installment and the next one that will arrive to us on May 27.

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Stranger Things: Season 4 of the Netflix series will arrive in two parts - Blog Hola Telcel

However, the release date is not the most important news. There are two peculiarities that the Netflix series has recently revealed. One of them obeys to break the tradition in which the episodes are normally delivered to us on the platform streaming. And the other one is actually a very sad confirmation that we are about to know the end.

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season 4 of stranger things will come in two parts

Stranger Things: Season 4 of the Netflix series will arrive in two parts - Blog Hola Telcel

In a letter signed by the Duffer brothers, the creators of the series, it is stated that the new season of stranger things will be presented in two parts. However, it is something we should not worry about. And it is that the space between one section and the other is actually quite small. In addition, the creatives assured that this is the longest season of all.

“Without a doubt it has been the most difficult experience, but also the most rewarding,” they write in the letter. “All of us who work on it are very proud of the results and we are counting down the minutes to share it with you. […] As this season is longer than the previous ones and we want you to start enjoying it as soon as possible, Stranger Things 4 will have a two-volume release.”

The first half of the fourth season will arrive on May 27, while volume 2 will be available on Netflix from July 1. Five weeks apart.

stranger things it will be the final season

Stranger Things: Season 4 of the Netflix series will arrive in two parts - Blog Hola Telcel

Another of the secrets that the Duffer brothers revealed in their letter is that the conclusion of the series is near. Probably one of the reasons creating the season 4 It was so complicated, it is because it had to function as the prelude to the great outcome.

“Seven years ago we outlined the entire story arc of stranger things“, they explained. “At the time we thought we were going to need four or five seasons to tell this story. While four won’t be enough (and you’ll see why), we’re getting closer to the epic conclusion. Stranger Things 4 will be the penultimate, and stranger things 5 will mark the end.”

Without a doubt, all this causes us a lot of emotion, but also a bit of nostalgia knowing that we are approaching the end. The series debuted in 2016 and since its arrival it has become a favorite among Netflix subscribers and critics, with various recognitions and nominations in the most important awards in the television industry.

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Now we all have an appointment for next May 27 and a second round for the first day of July.

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