Start your 2022 with a more connected life thanks to Telcel’s IoT

The start of a new year is always the perfect excuse to propose new challenges and changes that make your life smarter, that make your day to day easier, that improve your life and connect your family even more. For that reason, today we share with you the benefits of Telcel’s Internet of Things (IoT), an ecosystem that you will want to have in 2022!

For this we present the digital magazine “Transform your 2022 and make it easier”in which you will find diverse and interesting topics on how to include IoT technology in your daily life this new year.

Your Life Connected with Telcel and the great surprises you can find

Give yourself the opportunity to discover more about the technology that can increase your well-being with a single click and learn more about the different sections of the magazine: Family, ParaMí, Hogari and Autoi. Each one made up of various articles that will help you understand how each product and service works.

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Topics range from ideal gifts to surprise your children at the beginning of the year, reasons why Finland is the happiest country in the world and how to achieve this fulfillment in your home, to some predictions that Steve Jobs made about innovations and technology that today they are a reality. Because the Internet of Things is not only for children and adults, it is for your whole family!

In addition, you will find a complete guide to each product, highlighting its benefits, from smartwatches for children and adults, an air purifier for your home, a scooter electric and devices for your car that will make it smart.

Visit here Telcel’s digital magazine and connect your world with technology this 2022.

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