Standards Alliance Joins Membership as NEC Opens New Open RAN Lab

Open Radio Access Network (RAN) technology has come to the fore in 2020, and the standard will end the year with NEC accelerating the development of an open 5G ecosystem and AccelerComm joining the O-RAN Alliance.

In opening a new Open RAN facility in India, Japan’s NEC said it was committed to developing high-quality, highly reliable end-to-end systems using its experience in the telecommunications industry to develop, deliver and operate commercial products of quality of operator and networks.

The new facility will aim to accelerate the development of the company’s open 5G ecosystem by pre-integrating the partner’s Open RAN components to form a market-ready end-to-end technology according to specific customer needs.

Systems will undergo practical end-to-end functional / operational performance and quality assurance validation across all layers of the RAN, from network and cloud to service layers. The lab will also be responsible for post-implementation troubleshooting and lifecycle management, as well as continuous integration and continuous solution delivery.

NEC also intends to maximize the value of its open ecosystem by combining its competencies with products from various partners that it believes are at the forefront of innovation. Initial partners include Altiostar, GigaTera, and MTI, as NEC plans to expand its ecosystem with a broader group of partners that have cutting-edge technologies to accelerate the commercial adoption of Open RAN by carriers.

“We are confident that our strong partnerships with the best talent in the industry will allow us to advance the development of leading-edge carrier-level ecosystems at full speed,” said Kazuhiko Harasaki, deputy general manager of NEC’s Service Provider Solutions Division. Corporation. “NEC will take the lead in curating pre-validated models and facilitate the implementation of commercial multi-vendor Open RAN as a viable alternative 5G network for operators.”

Part of those networks will be AccelerComm, a company that enhances 5G with IP, increasing spectrum efficiency and reducing latency. By joining the O-RAN Alliance, an industry association with a mission to reshape mobile networks to be smarter, more open, virtualized, and fully interoperable without compromising performance, AccelerComm says it will contribute to the technical development of the O- standards. RAN, contributing its channel coding expertise to reduce latency and increase spectrum efficiency for Open 5G networks.

The company’s product suite includes an IP channel encoding system designed to reduce latency and power consumption of 5G components.

“Delivering ultra-reliable low-latency communications is critical to the success of 5G,” said Robert Barnes, vice president of sales and marketing for AccelerComm. “We are delighted to have joined the O-RAN Alliance to help support its mission by reducing latency and increasing efficiency in 5G networks that are deployed around the world.”

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