Spotify HiFi | The version of the service with high quality sound

Spotify HiFi

With HiFi, Spotyfy plans to privilege its users with an improvement in the sound quality of the platform

Spotify It has become the most widely used music streaming platform in the world. This February 22, the ‘Spotify Stream On’ event was held where it was announced HiFi.

It is a new subscription plan that will offer hifi music without losing CD-like audio quality. In this way the platform could compete against Amazon Music Y Tidal who already offer streaming with high quality sound.


“Spotify HiFi will stream CD-quality music in lossless audio format (lossless compression) to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers”

According to some reports the audio that currently offers Spotify ranges from 320 kbps while Tidal offers high fidelity audio with FLAC format and 96 kHz resolution.

Billie Eilish was in charge of presenting and explaining the service Spotify HiFi.

“MP3 is a lossy music compression format, that is, it discards information to achieve a very small file. It uses it thanks to the so-called sound masking; If one sound covers another, it is not necessary to leave the one that is hidden in the file, because the ear will not record it anyway. But this also depends on what type of music it is, where it is played and more ”

When listening to songs in MP3 format the quality is noticeably reduced to 320 kbps as it does Spotify, while HiFi can do it at 1,411 kbps.

When will Spotify HiFi be available?

Spotify announced that for the moment his service HiFi It will arrive this year in selected markets for its Premium subscribers. So far it is unknown what its starting price will be. But the subscription of Tidal HiFi is priced at $ 19.99, while Amazon Music HD it costs $ 14.99.

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“Premium subscribers in select markets will be able to upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi to listen to their favorite songs as the artists intended”

Daniel Ek, CEO of the platform, announced that the goal of the platform is to reach 1,000 million subscribers and continue to grow to be available in more countries around the world.

Spotify launched its service more than 10 years ago and currently has 345 million monthly active users, having a presence in 93 countries around the world.

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