‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ will compete at the Oscars!

Spider-Man: No Way Home It met all the expectations of the fans, becoming in just a few days one of the highest grossing Marvel movies. It is even considered one of the favorites of the entire franchise and its premiere came at the perfect time, prior to the awards season.

The development of the film, visual effects, soundtrack and action scenes are elements of Spider-Man: No Way Home that the fans have applauded him, as well as the critics of the Academy. Which makes it a possibility that the third installment of Spider-Man can compete for one or the other Oscar award.

Spider-Man: No Way Home and his nominations for the Oscar Awards 2022

Films shortlisted in various categories to which Oscar awards have already been announced and Spider-Man: No Way Home, directed by Jon Watts, is nominated in two: Better sound Y Better Visual Effects. However, the full list of all categories has not been released, so there could be more surprises.

Spider-Man: No Way Home could get an Oscar nomination for Best Special Effects - Hola Telcel blog

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It is important to mention that Spider-Man: No Way Home It has strong competition, since during 2021 the great premieres returned. This means that movies like Dune, The Soho Mystery, 007: No time to die, A place in silence part 2, Matrix resurrections Y Tick, Tick … Boom! They are great rivals for Marvel’s proposal.

Even the third installment of Spider-Man starring Tom Holland, Zendaya and Jacob Batalon will compete against the rest of the Marvel Studios premieres that emerged in 2021. Particularly, in Best Special Effects Spider-Man: No Way Home has as rivals Black Widow, The Eternals Y Shang-Chi: the legend of the ten rings.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will compete in the Oscars with the other Marvel premieres of 2021 - blog Hola Telcel

But it won’t be until a couple of weeks from now that the nominees for each category are officially announced. Until then we will really know who it will compete against Spider-man

An Oscar Award for Willem Dafoe?

In addition to the possible nominations of Spider-Man: No Way Home aforementioned, many fans agree that the performance of Willem dafoe As the Green Goblin It is worthy of an Oscar. Not only was his return emblematic, but he also reaffirmed that he was born for the role and that hardly anyone will top a job like his.

Willem Dafoe deserves an Oscar for his performance as the Green Goblin according to the opinion of the fans.- Blog Hola Telcel

This is not the first time Willem dafoe show the world his skills in front of the big screen, movies like Brooklyn Orphans, The Lighthouse Y Siberia they are proof of it. All of them available for purchase or rent through Clear video in which you can discover other facets of the actor, taking advantage of the fact that with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 3000 or higher You have access to the #TelcelLaMejorRed catalog and connectivity with the highest Coverage and Speed.

The return of Willem Dafoe to Spider-Man: No Way Home is worthy of an Oscar Award according to the critics - Blog Hola Telcel

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We are sure of one thing, the Academy owes a well-deserved Oscar to Willem Dafoe. But in the meantime, do you think Spider-Man: No Way Home get a statuette next year?

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