Soundbar Samsung HW-T450 reduced for only 124 euros

This is a model that is composed of two elements to offer a guaranteed sound, one of them being subwoofer the bass and that it has the virtue of communicating using Bluetooth wireless technology. Despite this, it should be noted that the overall dimensions of the device we are talking about are not excessively large, and an example of what we say is that the main elongated element that is placed under the TV are the following: 860 x 54 x 74 millimeters. And by the way, it should be noted that it is possible to hang this accessory on the wall.

Soundbar Samsung HW-T450 black

Finished in black and without missing a remote control so that all content management is carried out with great comfort, it is striking that this model has a function I wanted to stand out from the competition. This is none other than the one called as DRC (Dynamic Range Control), which among other things adjusts very precisely all the sound parameters when using content that is compatible with Dolby Digital, so we are talking about excellent precision in all kinds of situations, especially when you enjoy movies or series.

Take advantage of the offer for this Samsung HW-T450

This is the great attraction that exists at this time to decide on the purchase of this complete sound bar. His discount reaches 18% which allows you to only have to spend 124.99 euros to buy it and without having to add absolutely nothing for shipping costs at this time. With options as interesting as the inclusion of chip NFC To make synchronization with mobile devices as simple as possible, we leave you the link that you have to use to get a sound bar that works wonderfully with TVs that have a screen of 50 inches or more.

Connectivity of this accessory

Well, the truth is that you will find everything you need to enjoy a very evident sound improvement compared to the speakers that are included in Smart TVs. Thus, for example, in addition to using Bluetooth there is also a digital optical audio input which gives it a compatibility with almost 100% of televisions on the market and it even includes a USB port that allows direct access to content (such as those in MP3 or WAV format).

Use NFC Samsung HW-T450

In the sound section, it should be noted that the total power offered by this 2.1 model is 200 W, so it clearly outperforms a large number of sound bars with which it competes in the market and without a doubt with what the TVs offer. With compatibility with technologies such as Dolby or DTS, it should be noted that this is a model that includes a Game mode for immersive sound when you decide to enjoy the games you have on your console.

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