Soundbar Samsung HW-T430 / ZF sale on Amazon

The model in question is the Samsung HW-T430 / ZF, a soundbar with 2.1 channels, Dolby Digital technology and a power of 100 W, so it will be more than enough for any average room. And now that it is on sale at Amazon with a 25% discount, it is one of those bargains that you should not miss.

In addition, if you are an Amazon Prime customer you can enjoy the shipping costs completely free. A subscription that includes Amazon Prime video and Amazon Photos, so it’s well worth it. Not a customer? Do not worry, since through this link you can enjoy a free trial of one month and without any type of permanence.

A perfect soundbar for your living room

NFC soundbar Samsung HW-T430

As we told you, the Samsung HW-T430 / ZF offers a 100 W total power, so you can place it wherever you want and with the peace of mind that the sound will reach every corner. In addition, the subwoofer is wireless, so you can place it where it best suits you without problems with cables. Speaking of connectivity, it should be noted that this soundbar on sale is bluetooth. Thanks to this, you can connect your mobile phone to enjoy your favorite songs in a very comfortable way.

Another very interesting detail comes with the fact that it is a model with support for Dolby Digital 2.1 sound technology, which enhances the audio of each scene so that you can enjoy a cinema experience when watching your favorite movies and series.

Powerful bass and modes to your liking

SAMSUNG HW-T430 / ZF NFC Soundbar

Regarding the subwoofer, we find a 6.5-inch model that guarantees powerful and deep bass so you can enjoy an acoustic landscape beyond any doubt. And if you have a Samsung Smart TV, this bar will be your best ally. Mainly because you can control every last parameter through the remote control One Remote Control.

How could it be otherwise in a device of this type, the Samsung HW-T430 / ZF soundbar has different modes so that you activate the one that best suits you in each situation. For example, if you are going to use this bar while you are pumping up your console, do not hesitate to activate the game mode.

Or, you might prefer to watch a movie at night while your family sleeps. Don’t worry, if you activate the night mode, you can enjoy any content without disturbing anyone, since it significantly attenuates the thunderous sounds and enhances the dialogues so that you do not lose detail.

Without a doubt, we are facing one of the best sound bars that you can buy within its price range. And now that The Samsung HW-T430 / ZF is on sale at Amazon, you should not leave this great opportunity.

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