Sony’s Walkman is back for Android users!

Once again it is proven that nostalgia sells and that we are definitely willing to buy it. This comment comes from the recent announcement of Sony and its intentions to revive the famous Walkman, now with integrated Android system. The designs of the two soon-to-be-released models are truly beautiful and hit the heart of anyone who wore them in the 1980s and 1990s.

The company’s idea is above all to offer a device that is focused on music. All those purists of sound, good resolution and studio-quality tracks can be excited. Sony promises that its new Walkman they were designed to have an impressive sound quality, which the user has never heard before.

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Why have a Sony Walkman in 2022?

You will wonder what is the purpose of having a Walkman if now music is no longer downloaded track by track, but consumed across platforms streaming. Of course Sony thought of all the concerns and that is why its new Walkman It works based on the Android operating system.

This means that you will be able to install a whole variety of applications, including of course the most famous music ones streaming. From clear music, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music and even Tidal. It should be noted that both the latter and the Apple service already have uncompressed, high-fidelity audio, so they will be perfectly compatible with the device.

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Meet the new Sony Walkman.-Blog Hello Telcel

Features of the new Sony Walkman

The inclusion of Android in the Walkman From Sony, it means that it will also work with Wi-FI, so we are not talking about connectivity problems. Much less talk about expiration in the applications, since the Android that it will handle will be the most recent (version 11) and we assume that it will receive the same operating system updates as any device.

About its design, we must confess that we find it most attractive. Appealing to nostalgia, the device will have a retro design very similar to its predecessors. However, this time its 5-inch screen will be touch sensitive and will have a high definition display.

Despite your screen touchanyway the gadget It will have some side buttons that will be used for basic music controls. Just like an old school device. Or to be more precise, with a design very close to everything we knew during the eighties.

The new Sony Walkman is compatible with all 'Streaming' platforms.-Blog Hola Telcel

As for its storage, the device will have 128 GB by default. But of course its capacity can be expanded up to 256 GB with the use of an external microSD memory, since the Walkman since it has the slot. Completely vintage!

Sony assured that its new Walkman includes DAC S-Master HX, which ensures enormous fidelity in sound. With the use of the right headphones, music fans will experience true studio-quality tunes.

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There will be two models: the NW-WM1ZM2 and the NW-WM1AM2. The former supposedly promises an audio experience never heard before; while the second -with a slightly lower range- will have a “more faithful, smooth and expansive sound” than previous ones Walkman from Sony.

Both devices, created with high quality environmentally friendly packaging, promise their arrival on the market for the month of April. However, we are still not sure if this same promise applies to Mexican territory. Either way we are excited and very willing to put our savings out there.

Are you ready to join the new retro era of music?

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