Sony wants to bring its best PlayStation video games to mobile

Sony mobile video games

Sony’s idea is to bring its most popular video game franchises from its PlayStation console to cell phones

In recent years, the popularity of video game on cell phones. It seems that the future of the gaming industry lies in the mobile devices.

That is why Sony he already plans to wear his best playstation video games to the phones. The company wants to bring its popular franchises to portable devices, so that its users can play at all times regardless of not having the console.

It should be remembered that Nintendo was the first to not only bet on consoles for video game. With ‘Pok√©mon’ the company made the leap to mobile phones, where it has had great success.


According to a job offer that has been made public Sony and that was discovered by Eurogamer, the Japanese company would be looking for an executive to lead the mobile division of PlayStation Studios.

This area would be in charge of transferring its best playstation video games to mobiles within 3 to 5 years. According to the job offer, it can be seen that Sony already has some mobile titles in the works.

So far the information has not been confirmed. But several media have highlighted that it is not the only company that plans to enter the market of smartphones.

“Large studios such as Activision Blizzard have already begun to adapt their large franchises and gaming on mobile devices has become an obsession for large gaming platforms”


Yes Sony decides to stick with their plans, users could enjoy some of the video game more popular like Uncharted, The Last of Us or God of War. It is also unknown if they will be portable versions of their games or video games based on the universes, stories and characters of these franchises will be released.

Although the company could also bet on developing completely new titles as it has done in the past for some of its portable consoles.

Sony already has a mobile division called PlayStation Mobile, Inc. From here some ‘Run Sackboy! Run! ‘,’ BEYOND Touch ‘or’ UNCHARTED: Fortune Hunter ‘.

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