Sony sports headphones with Alexa and 50% noise cancellation

Without a doubt, one of the biggest problems with headphones when we do sports with them is the support they offer. If they do not fit perfectly and we have to go every two by three placing them, then the experience becomes quite mediocre. In addition, this also influences the quality of the sound, since they will not isolate us correctly from all the noise around us.

Very complete sports headphones

If you want to end this and enjoy your favorite music while doing sports, now you have the opportunity to get these headphones Sony WFSP700N at an incredible price. It is a completely wireless sports headphones with noise cancellation, ambient mode and that also have Integrated Alexa.

Sony wfsp700n wireless headphones

Its function Digital noise canceling allows you to listen to music without any distraction, offer a completely wireless transmission via Bluetooth and have a kind of semicircular temple that allows a better grip.

Of course, so that the grip is perfect and our ears do not move, they also have silicone tips that further improve the grip and increase their ergonomics so that it is very comfortable to wear them even for hours. What’s more, its reduced weight, just 45 gramsIt also makes them comfortable to wear.

The ambient sound mode allows us to listen to the essential sounds and also offers the possibility of using them to answer calls in hands-free mode. As if that were not enough, these Sony WFSP700N headphones allow connect with Alexa or Goole’s assistant, so it is possible to ask the assistant to play our favorite music, tell us the weather forecast, the news or the traffic situation with a simple voice command.

This Sony model is waterproof with IPX4 certified, so they are headphones that perfectly resist sweat when we do sports and offer a range of up to nine hours, as long as we have the battery in their case that allows them to be recharged while we are not using them.

Incredible discount for the Sony WFSP700N

The official price for these Sony WFSP700N headphones is 200 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find on Amazon at the moment, it is possible to get them at just half the price. Yes yes, we can get them at a price of only 99.99 euros if we buy them now from the link below.

Sony wfsp700n lateral wireless headphones

At the moment they are available in various colors, white, pink and yellow at the price of 99.99 euros and in black color for a price of 104.89 euros. The delivery time is only 3 working days and we can receive them totally free if we are Amazon Prime customers.

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