Sony sports headphones with a great offer for only 76 euros

The model we are talking about is the Sony WI-SP500, which can be considered a neck-type accessory, since they include about two sound elements and what is left in that place on the body to provide greater stability among other things. One of the good details that this accessory offers and wants to make it an excellent companion when doing sports is that it has IPX4 water protection, so you will have no problem if you go for a run and it starts to rain or with the usual sweat that appears when an effort is made (for example, on the gym machines).

Grip system of the Sony WI-SP500

Another good feature that should be noted in these Sony sports headphones is that they have a really low weight, it is below 20 grams, and that they have silicone tips that ensure a good fit in the ear. This, among other things, makes you sure that you will not have problems with the sudden movements you make when wearing them. The fact is that they are perfectly designed to be a comfortable option and it should be noted that they have a fastening element that leaves the headphones attached for when you have to store them and carry them from one side to the other (and in this way that they do not run risk any).

Good home shopping offer

With all that we have said, you may think that these are the wireless headphones you need to go out to practice sports, whatever it is. Right now you can take advantage of a 15% offer that allows you to only have to pay 76.50 euros to have them at home, since you do not have to add absolutely anything for shipping because right now it is free. We leave you the link that you have to use to not miss this opportunity that allows you to make the purchase for the model that is colored black, so it fits whenever you need to use it.

Things that are important in these Sony sports headphones

One of them has to do with the autonomy they offer, an important detail for a product that communicates with the sound source using Bluetooth technology. It arrives at 8 hours of use With just one charge, more than enough time to always complete the workouts and even long-distance races you want to participate in. It is important to mention that recharging is done using a USB cable, so you will have no problem finding a replacement if you do not have the original one.

Sony Sony WI-SP500 Sports Headphones

Another good detail offered by this device that has an integrated microphone to answer calls, is that it includes a chip NFC. This makes syncing with phones that are also compatible a breeze – just pull over and go. Before concluding, it should be noted that the sound quality is not bad at all, since among other things the frequencies managed by this product range from 20 to 20,000 Hz, so its definition is pretty good.

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