Sony over-ear headphones with 50% noise cancellation

The model in question is the Sony WH-CH700NB, a wireless headset with a long battery life and a quality design under the Sony guarantee. Without a doubt, a great option to listen to your favorite music while you go down the street, in public transport or even on the plane and that we can now get at a knockdown price.

Sony WH-CH700NB headphones at the lowest price

The truth is that the offer we found on Amazon for these Sony WH-CH700NB headphones is not to be missed. A model whose official price is 180 euros and that now we can buy almost half the price. Yes, you heard right, almost 50% off. So much so, that the final price at which we can buy these Sony WH-CH700NB is 96.99 euros. Run they fly !. Without a doubt, one of the noise canceling over-ear headphones at the lowest price.

Sony WH-CH700NB Noise Canceling Headphones

The headphones are in stock and the delivery time is just one day to the next. So, if we buy them today, we can have them tomorrow in our house. Additionally, shipping is free for Amazon Prime customers.

Forget about any noise with a single touch

These Sony WH-CH700NB allow us to isolate ourselves from the noise of the environment with one touch thanks to the AINC function. That is, with a single press we can activate digital noise cancellation and live a better audio experience.

They have a 40mm diaphragm, which allows us to enjoy sound with great clarity and clarity. We can use them in hands-free mode to answer phone calls or ask our virtual assistant to do it for us.

Sony WH-CH700NB Noise Canceling Headphones

Another fact to take into account is its great autonomy, since it allows us to enjoy them all day without having to be aware of running out of battery. Specifically, they offer up to 35 hours of use on a single charge. In the case that we are fair, thanks to the fast charge it is possible to gain several hours of autonomy with just a few minutes charging. Approximately one hour of use can be achieved by just having the headphones charging for 10 minutes. The total time for a full charge is about 7 hours.

The headphones are manufactured with a high quality and durable plastic while the helmets are covered with synthetic leather that provide comfort when it comes to wearing them for many hours. In addition, they are quite light since they have a weight of only 240 grams and they offer us total freedom by being a wireless model.

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