Sony launches neck speakers with Dolby Atmos and positional sound

Neck Speakers

Sony surprised by introducing its SRS-NS7 speaker with Dolby Atmos. The great novelty is that the device is placed on the neck

More and more companies are presenting their speakers, to distinguish itself in the market Sony decided to launch a device for the neck with Dolby Atmos and 360 degree positional sound.

Is about Sony SRS-NS7, a team that promises to enjoy a great sensation of immersion while enjoying all kinds of movies or series.

The neck speaker it is flexible and offers an ergonomic design that fits each user in the most comfortable way. It is IPX4 certified, making it resistant to sweat and splashes of water.


Sony revealed that SRS-NS7 It was designed to last for hours, so it was built with the comfort of users in mind. This is why it is finished in fabric with a silicone neck band that makes it very easy to clean.

As for the sound Sony SRS-NS7 They have X-Balanced speakers that increase sound pressure and reduce distortion. In the same way, it has an echo cancellation system to achieve the best results.

The system is oriented upwards to provide clear sound, but without disturbing people nearby. Its battery would give it 12 hours of autonomy.

To increase the response of the low frequencies, improving the bass, there is a passive radiator. In addition to support for 360 Reality Audio technology from Sony, which guarantees an enveloping acoustic landscape.

Sony SRS-NS7

Not forgetting its Dolby Atmos support with which you can squeeze a large number of movies and series available in this format. This feature will arrive until January 2022.

The neck speakers They can be connected to two devices, so it can be connected to a cell phone and a television. In this way, if a call is received, it can be answered directly using the loudspeaker.

It is expected that Sony SRS-NS7 They hit the market between October and November at a price of around $ 300.

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