Sony HTRT4 5.1ch soundbar at a great discount

Very powerful and completely enveloping sound

The model on offer is the Sony HTRT4, a soundbar consisting of three speakers, two rear tower speakers, and a wireless subwoofer. Both the rear speakers and the subwoofer have bluetooth connectivity, so we can place them wherever we want without having to have any cables in between.

Soundbar 5.1 Sony HTRT4 front

The power offered by this sound system is 600 W, so we are going to get a powerful, fully surround sound. It has compatibility with the DTS format, which together with surround sound and Dolby Digital, ensures that the sound quality is really good. As if that were not enough, it has a Digital S-Master amplifier.

The fact that this Sony HTRT4 has connectivity Bluetooth and that it connects through this wireless connection with the rear speakers and subwoofer, also allows us to synchronize it with other devices such as our mobile or tablet.

So we can send our favorite music from the mobile directly to be able to listen to it through the sound bar. It is also possible to do it through NFC. To complete the connectivity section, it must be indicated that it has an HDMI ARC port, USB and optical input.

Soundbar Sony HTRT4 on sale

Without a doubt, one of the 5.1 soundbars compatible with Dolby that we can now find at the best price taking into account the offer that Amazon has prepared on this model. The official price of this Sony HTRT4 is 344.03 euros, but thanks to the 22% discount that the online shopping giant has applied, it is possible to save just over 75 euros when buying this powerful soundbar.
Soundbar Sony HTRT4 5.1

This brings its final price to 269 ‚Äč‚Äčeuros. Price for which we can completely transform the experience when watching our favorite series and movies. And it is that we will obtain a powerful, enveloping and high quality sound. The measurements of this model are 113.2 x 31 x 47.2 cm and has a weight of about 12.5 kg.

The delivery time for this Sony HTRT4 soundbar is only one business day, as it is sold and shipped directly by Amazon. In addition, customers subscribed to the Amazon Prime service can benefit from free shipping on their purchase.

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