Sony headphones rival the AirPods with its maximum discount

This is a model that competes with Apple AirPods, so we are talking about a device that does not use any cable to place on the neck and, neither, to connect with sound sources. The product in question are Sony WF-SP700N, which among its good characteristics is that they have an excellent autonomy, since thanks to the battery that is included in the included transport case you can reach the 35 hours of use… a brand rarely seen in this type of device (and this is the case as long as the volume is not abused). By the way, that charging is done by using a USB cable.

Sony headphones on sale in white

When it comes to the sound quality offered by these Sony headphones, there is good news, since among other things they include Noise Cancellation (If this works, the low usage time is at eight hours). This ensures that nothing bothers you when listening to music, and blends seamlessly with the six millimeter diaphragm It includes that it allows to handle frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz without problems. Therefore, enjoying precision and clarity in reproductions is completely possible, since bass and treble are always enjoyed.

Offer never seen before for the Sony WF-SP700N

The truth is that the price that this model has at the moment is something that makes the purchase of these Sony Bluetooth headphones irresistible, since you only have to pay 75.90 euros to have them at home (and you do not have to add anything for the shipping costs taking advantage of the promotion on eBay). The point is that the 54% discount it’s brutal and makes these wireless cases an excellent purchase option. By the way, they do not lack NFC so that synchronization is as simple as possible.

These Sony headphones are very complete

An example of this is that protection against water and sweat IPX4 It is present, which allows this model to be an excellent option for those who practice sports on a regular basis. In addition, for this purpose it has an additional very positive detail: they only weigh 45 grams in total (7.6 each sound element), so wearing them is very comfortable -Even, it does not lack silicone tips that allow excellent ergonomics-.

Sony WF-SP700N headphones in hand

The Sony WF-SP700N headphones we talked about include microphone to use them as hands-free, and it does not lack elements that allow you to manage the reproductions without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. In addition, they have technology Extra bass, so the quality of the bass heard is very high, which is ideal for music lovers. In short, a very complete accessory.

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