Sony Bluetooth soundbar on sale now for only 110 euros

The model we are talking about is the Sony HTSF150, a model that consists of only one element and, therefore, is not outrageously large (its dimensions are only 90 x 8.8 x 6.4 cm, and since it only weighs 2.3 kilos, it can be hung on the wall without much trouble). The sound is two-channel, so we are talking about stereo quality, and it has some positive details in this section such as its compatibility with Bass reflex to achieve the best possible bass and, moreover, thanks to the technology S-Force Front Surround it is capable of simulating the location of each effect quite accurately.

Sony HTSF150 Soundbar

If you wonder about the power that it is capable of emitting, it reaches the 30 W, which is why it surpasses practically all the televisions that are used in living rooms today. A nice detail about this Sony soundbar is that it has remote control so that its use is as comfortable as possible. With it, it is possible to specifically choose the different pre-configured profiles that this accessory has, such as Night; Voice; Cinema or Music. The fact is that with them the tiller configuration is the best possible.

Excellent connectivity in this accessory

If this is something that worries you, you should know that this model does not lack the option to use the ports HDMI, so its compatibility with Smart TVs is excellent (and this also ensures very easy use). But the Sony HTSF150 offers more possibilities, such as that it is possible to connect storage devices USB to enjoy its contents, such as high-capacity pen drives, and it is also compatible with Bluetooth. This ensures that you can communicate without putting any cables through and, even, that it is possible to send content from smartphones and tablets.

Sony HTSF150 Soundbar LEDs

Great deal for this Sony soundbar

This is another of the things that right now attracts the attention of this device and that makes it a striking purchase option for Christmas. Specifically the discount they have is from 26%, which means that you only have to pay 111.05 euros (and you do not have to add anything for shipping costs if you have an Amazon Prime account). We leave the link purchase to make you come home with this model that is a complete sound bar and that is more than enough for many.

With many eye-catching options and a design that is suitable in which it is not lacking LED indicators To find out how the Sony soundbar works (for example, which input source is selected), we think this promotion is an excellent possibility to buy right now without having to shell out a lot of money.

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