Sony Bluetooth headphones on sale with an irresistible discount

The specific model we are talking about is the Sony WFXB700B, a device that can be found in both blue and black and in both cases the promotion is active in the Amazon store. With silicone tips To offer excellent wearing comfort, it should be noted that its weight is really low, so its ergonomics can be considered as very good, since they do not bother absolutely anything when worn both at home and when exercising (by offering waterproof IPX4, sweat is not a problem for example).

Sony Bluetooth Headphones Black

Communication with sound sources is done exclusively through twireless technology. This is advanced enough for these to be compatible with such interesting technologies as True Wireless, which ensures that the stability of the data used is excellent. This product to be considered as complete offers options that are so important to ensure a good user experience, such as that the reproductions are managed through gestures and also includes microphone so you can answer calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Without a doubt, an excellent offer on Amazon

This is another of the things that right now can lead you to buy the Sony Bluetooth headphones we are talking about. The reason is simple and 17% discount In the online store we are talking about, it allows you to only have to pay 68 euros to get them, without adding anything for shipping costs in the case you have a Prime account. With a good design that ensures excellent support in all kinds of situations, we leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss out on this promotion that we believe is one that you should always keep in mind right now.

Excellent autonomy in these Sony Bluetooth headphones

The truth, and thanks to the fact that a rechargeable battery is included in the transport case that accompanies this accessory, you can get up to 18 hours music without having to resort to any outlet. A very important brand and that is combined with something that we believe you will surely find very useful: it has fast charge so in 10 minutes you can achieve up to sixty of operation, so this product is one of those that we recommend for those who leave home regularly either to play sports or simply to start a trip.

Sony WFXB700B Headphone Case

Finally, we must talk about the sound quality, this is quite good, since among other things the diaphragms of the elements that make up these Sony Bluetooth headphones have dimensions that exceed five millimeters, so they work perfectly with all the ranges. In addition, it has some technologies that are positive to always obtain the desired definition, an example is Extra bass that optimizes everything that has to do with the bass.

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