Sony Bluetooth headphones now with an irresistible offer

The model we are talking about is the Sony WF-SP700N, a device that among other things allows an excellent freedom of movement when they are used, since you will not find any cable that connects this product with the sound source or between the elements that compose it. With a very good finish that ensures excellent resistance, another of the virtues that you will find in this accessory is that they include IPX4 protection, which ensures who and sweat or water – such as rain – affects him at all. In this way, the insurance that you can use in any situation.

Sony WF-SP700N silicone image

Communication technology Bluetooth who use these Sony headphones, it has different positive details. One of them is that the compatibility with different devices is complete, and an example of what we say is that you can use this product with both phones ios such as those that include operating system Android. In addition, as the version of the connection interface is very current, these are True Wireless helmets, which ensures that communication is very stable and fast. In addition, by integrating chip NFC the synchronization process that you must carry out is really simple: pull up… and that’s it. A lot of virtues as you can see.

The offer that you should not miss

The truth is that the 46% discount that right now you can take the opportunity to buy these Sony WF-SP700N, we believe that it is interesting enough so that it is the option with which you get another similar model instead (among which Apple’s AirPods are not lacking). The fact is that you will not have to pay more than 79 euros, a very low figure, and without having to add absolutely nothing for shipping costs, since right now they are free. We leave you below the link that you must use in case you want to make the purchase right now from home:

Good sound quality from these Sony headphones

The truth is that a lot is expected from an accessory from the Japanese company in this section, and the truth is that it does not disappoint at all. One of the keys to this is that they have Noise Cancellation, which ensures that nothing that happens around you bothers you when you are in a game session with the mobile phone or simply listening to music when you go on a trip. With some six millimeter diaphragms, which ensure definition and avoid distortion, what you enjoy will always be very defined due to the fact that it is capable of handling frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Sony headphone case on sale

Without missing a microphone that allows you to use these Sony headphones as free hands and offering the possibility of managing the reproductions directly in the headphones, a detail that we believe is very important in this product is the autonomy it offers. The mark that allows this accessory reaches three hours of continuous music playback with a full charge of your headphones. With all that said, and with a weight of less than 10 grams, without a doubt this is a purchase option that we recommend.

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