Sony Bluetooth headphones discounted for 87 euros less and free shipping

The specific model that is on offer are the Sony WF-SP700, which is a device that is considered independent, since each sound element does not have any cable and therefore offers excellent freedom when using it. Finished in high quality plastic, it must be said that the weight of this product altogether it does not exceed 16 grams And they have an additional hard hook that surrounds the ear to ensure that the reliability in use is excellent.

Sony WF-SP700 headphones cplor pink

Some details that are important to know about this model is that, for example, they include a chip NFC that allows a very simple synchronization as long as the sound source is also compatible (if you zoom in, a warning appears that if you accept it, it executes the process automatically and very quickly). Besides, these Sony Bluetooth headphones include IPX4 water protection, so you will not have any problem if you wear them and it starts to rain or if you go to the gym and use them while you sweat on the corresponding machines.

Sound quality of these Sony WF-SP700

This section also highlights the Sony Bluetooth headphones that are on sale right now, since among other things they have active noise cancellation (which ensures that neither cars nor people’s screams bother you when listening to music). In addition, they also have technology Extra bass, which boost the bass in a very significant way to always enjoy to the fullest any type of content that you want to listen to. Other important details in this section is that the each sound element is six millimeters and that the frequency ranges that it is capable of using range from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Sony Bluetooth Headphone Case

Big discount for these Sony Bluetooth headphones

The truth is that the existing discount pointed out as one of the most interesting attractions to decide to buy these helmets. Nothing less than you save 52%, which represents a saving of 87.88 euros for quality headphones and that are a perfect answer for those looking for a combination of freedom and good sound. Without added shipping costs if you make the purchase now, we leave you the link that you have to use so as not to miss this opportunity for a model that is not missing microphone to be able to answer calls.

Finally, we want to highlight that these Sony Bluetooth headphones offer quite good autonomy, since if you add the battery that is included in the transport case made of high quality plastic, you can perfectly reach the nine hours of playback with cancellation on so it is placed among the best on the market that offer this striking feature when it comes to enjoying music.

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