Sony 4K Smart TV with Android that you can buy on sale at Amazon

The model we are talking about belongs to the range of televisions of the Japanese company of the year 2020, so it is perfectly updated is what has to do with the operating system, since the integrated one is Android 9.0. Specifically, the device is the Sony KD-49XH8196, which among other things to know includes a 49-inch screen with 4K resolution and that it has dimensions that are quite contained. They are as follows: 704 x 1,101 x 286 millimeters including the base (consisting of two independent legs).

Sony KD-49XH8196 Smart TV screen

Some of the details that you should know about this Sony 4K Smart TV with Android in relation to image quality are the following: on the one hand, it offers compatibility with HDR and Dolby Vision and, in addition, it has some technologies that improve what the screen shows. In the latter case, it is worth highlighting the use of Object-based HDR remaster to optimize the sharpness of what is displayed and also Motionflow XR which makes the fluidity of the images very good and this is important when enjoying both series and console games.

Options on this Sony 4K Smart TV with Android

Apart from allowing a very high customization thanks to the fact that they can be install a large number of applications Due to the operating system used by the Sony KD-49XH8196 (among which are games and those of streaming services), it should be noted that the connectivity offered by this model is excellent, since it does not lack wireless options, such as Bluetooth and WiFi, go to the number of ports that it integrates is very wide, since for example it has four HDMI and a USB pair. Additionally, this television includes some additional options such as optical digital sound output, Ethernet and composite image input. The fact is that you will not have to be handling cables on a regular basis, which is always very positive.

Rear of the TV Sony KD-49XH8196

Buy this TV on sale

The promotion that we think you have to take advantage of to buy this TV that fits like a glove in all types of rooms, allows save 13% compared to the price it usually has on Amazon. The fact is that you pay 96 euros less, a quite striking amount and to which you will not have to add anything in the case of having a Prime account from the aforementioned online store. This model does not lack a player Chromecast Integrated that allows you to directly send content from phones or tablets. This is the purchase link that you have to use:

The truth is that this television on offer is an excellent opportunity if you are looking for a current television that offers good image quality. In addition, the Sony 4K Smart TV with Android offers compatibility with the voice assistants most used at the moment, such as Google’s own and Amazon’s Alexa.

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