Sonos could soon launch its first wireless headphones

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To compete with the AirPods, Sonos would be thinking of launching its first wireless headphones

sound has stood out in the market audio with your speakers and soundbars. However, it was revealed that the company would be about to broaden its horizons with the launch of its first wireless headphones.

In November 2021, the Californian company bought T2 Software. A start-up of bluetooth-audio which promises to be the first step for new products.

“Occasionally, we will acquire equipment, talent and/or technology that will augment our existing and future product roadmap”


According to some reports, T2 Software has been working on the new standard of bluetooth LE audio and in the implementation of the LC3 codec.

This codec would give great advantages to wireless headphones since they would offer greater compression, better quality sound and much lower battery consumption.

Although it is a standard that can be included in wireless speakers of soundmakes much more sense in headphones.

Although for several months there has been a rumor that the Californian company would launch its wireless headphonesa post on Linkedin by Pete Pedersen, vice president of marketing and communication at Sonos, would have advanced its launch.

According to the executive, sound was looking for a marketing agency to help them launch a “new category” of product that would be “aimed at a new audience/segment of consumers”.

Although few details are known, it was revealed that the Sonos headphones would have a compact size without losing battery life.

Some media pointed out that according to some registered patents, the company could be working on headband headphones similar to the Sony WH-1000xm4.


But it is not known if sound will opt for this format first or if, on the contrary, they will decide to bet on headphones type AirPods.

It should be noted that at the moment there is no confirmed information. So it would have to wait until Sonos shares more information about its possible future projects.

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