So you can tour the Great Wall of China from Google!

Given the recent updates from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Google You don’t want to be left behind and have also released an amazing new feature that is part of your virtual tours. This new creation is named “Walk the Great Wall of China” and it is the work of the team of Google Arts & Culture.

Walk the Great Wall of China thanks to Google!

The new experience “Walk the Great Wall of China” includes an exclusive 360-degree virtual tour of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In addition, it includes around 370 never-before-seen images of the Great Wall, each with different stories, anecdotes and curiosities.

“As the largest man-made structure in the world, the Great Wall of China is one of the most iconic and popular heritage sites in the world. More than ten million people visit it every year, but not everyone has the opportunity to see the Great Wall first-hand ”, mentioned Pierre Caessa, manager of Google Arts & Culture.

Virtual tour of the Great Wall of China from Google - Hola Telcel blog

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Basically, this is a unique and spectacular opportunity to tour the Great Wall through augmented reality technology, as part of one of the Google service experiences.

Virtual tours from Google

All you have to do to be part of the experience is enter Walk the Great Wall of Google Arts & Culture and click on the button that says ‘Begin your journey’. In this way the trip will begin and you will be able to appreciate the most incredible photos taken from the Chinese Wall, with data and history that complement them.

Get to know the Great Wall of China with Google's augmented reality technology - Hola Telcel blog

We recommend you do the tour from your computer or tablet, so that you can enjoy each photograph in greater detail, taking advantage of the fact that Internet in your Telcel House you have the best Internet connection with up to 10 Mbps for $ 399 per month, includes Claro video and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed ​​to browse for hours on Google Arts & Culture.

Google integrates the Great Wall of China among its virtual tours - Hola Telcel blog

Google has launched several 360-degree virtual tours in recent years to expand knowledge of history and culture from different parts of the world, using advanced virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology.

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Now you know, if your plans are to visit China and with it the Great Wall of China, give yourself a first idea of ​​what awaits you thanks to Google technology. 😉

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