So you can keep your unread chats up on WhatsApp

Are you one of the people who usually “seen” their friends or family because they forget to reply to messages? With this trick you can keep your unread chats on top of your WhatsApp history and thus avoid these types of problems.

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In these times it is very problematic to “show off” someone on WhatsApp, because it can be interpreted as that you are ignoring the person who wrote to you. However, as this app has become a work tool, organization among friends and family and even an option to communicate with companies, it is very common that among so many conversations you lose some of the unread chats of your WhatsApp, that you forget to open them and reply to those contacts.

The trick to not forget your unread chats and not let anyone see anyone on WhatsApp - Blog Hola Telcel

But do not worry, once you learn this trick to keep your unread chats at the top of your history, you will no longer have this problem and you can continue enjoying WhatsApp unlimitedly with your Telcel Max Unlimited Plan and enjoy the connectivity of #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

How to keep your unread WhatsApp chats on top of your conversation history?

To carry out this trick you need to download a Google Chrome extension called WA Web Plus for WhatsApp; once downloaded, you can find it in the upper right part of the search engine tab or inside the puzzle icon where all the extensions you have installed are stored.

Once you have installed WA Web Plus for WhatsApp, open WhatsApp Web in a new Google Chrome tab and select the extension. A menu of functions that you can implement in WhatsApp will open. Find the option ‘Pin unread chats to the top’ and select it.

How to keep chats that you have not seen on WhatsApp up - Blog Hola Telcel

In automatic mode, you will see how the chats that you have not opened will move to the beginning of your conversation history and will go down to the place where they were previously until you open them.

You can also pin WhatsApp chats!

Another function that WhatsApp Web Plus for WhatsApp offers is to be able to fix chats permanently. In this way, the individual or group conversations you choose will always stay at the top even if you open them. In order to activate this function, you must select ‘Pin unlimited chats’ from the same Google Chrome extension and select the groups or contacts that you want to appear first.

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The only downside is that both functions will only be reflected in your WhatsApp Web chat history. For now tell us, did you already know this Chrome extension?

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