So you can block your Telegram conversations with PIN

In recent months, WhatsApp has found stiff competition in Telegram. The instant messaging app has grown exponentially and part of its success is due to the multiple functions and tools it has, which make it much more attractive. Some of these functions are often unknown, but here we share one of the most useful.

Discover how to add more protection to your Telegram conversations with a password - Hola Telcel blog

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One of the great advantages of Telegram is that it has tools that provide double protection to the application, such as the be able to block all conversations with a PIN or password. In this way, no one else will have access to or read them, as they will be protected from any intruder who uses your phone. To activate the blocking of chats you only have to follow a couple of steps.

How to block your Telegram conversations with PIN or password?

1. Enter Telegram from your mobile phone.
2. Go to the section of ‘Settings’ entering from the icon of the three horizontal lines.
3. Among the options, select the one that says ‘Privacy & Security’.

How to add PIN or password to Telegram conversations from the Settings menu.- Hello Telcel blog.

4. A new screen will appear where you must choose the section ‘Lock code’. In the case of iPhone phones this option is called ‘Code and Face ID’.

5. Now, activate the function and create the PIN code that you will use to protect your conversations.
6. Finally, select the blocking time and you’re done.

Enter the Telegram privacy and security menu to add a password or PIN to your conversations.- Blog Hola Telcel

Although today most smartphones include a face, finger or PIN lock, it is always a good idea to add an extra lock to Telegram to protect your chats and information. So try this procedure and enjoy the app anytime, anywhere thanks to Double Gigas what does your give you Telcel Max Unlimited Plan and connectivity to #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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