So you can activate the best ‘Harry Potter’ spells on your phone!

After the recent release of Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts, the saga regained the popularity it had every time a new movie hit theaters. And it is that over time it has become one of the best film franchises, managing to pass generations.

Harry Potter and how to activate the best spells on your phone - Hello Telcel blog

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If you like many were left with the desire to receive your entry letter to Hogwarts to be part of the magical world, becoming a wizard or sorceress, you will be pleased to know that you still have time to do so, since Here we reveal some simple tricks for your phone to activate various spells of Harry Potter and react depending on them.

How to activate the best Harry Potter spells on your phone?

All you need is that you smartphone count on a voice assistant that, for the most part, everyone owns. Afterwards, you only have to indicate the spell you want it to execute and the magic will happen by itself.

“Lumos” for iPhone phones

To perform the “Lumos” spell and have your phone turn on the lamp automatically, you must have Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, activated. Then just invoke the spell by saying “Lumos maximum” and once you want to turn off the flashlight, you will only have to say “Hey Siri, Nox”.

Harry Potter Lumos maximum, spell, how to activate it on your phone - Hello Telcel blog

“Accio” to open applications

In the Harry Potter movies, “Accio” is one of the most used spells, as it allows the characters to attract things that are far away. With Siri, if you pronounce this spell followed by the name of an application, for example “Accio WhatsApp” or “Accio Facebook”, the app will open automatically.

Avada Kedavra of Harry Potter to your phone

Although in the books and movies “Avada Kedavra” is the killing curse, in the real world it comes in handy when you want your phone to dim the brightness or activate ‘airplane mode’. As in the previous spells, you just have to give the order to Siri and it will automatically perform the action.

Harry Potter Lumos maximum, spell, how to activate it on your phone so that the flashlight turns on with the voice assistant on iPhone - Blog Hola Telcel

Best of all, these are not the only Harry Potter spells that you can activate on your phone, it all depends on how you manually configure Siri shortcuts, be it to unlock it, open applications, set alarms or even turn on the camera.

Try these simple tricks, feel yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter and continue enjoying the connectivity that your Telcel Unlimited Friend Refills and #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed.

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Now that you know how to activate the best spells of your favorite saga tell us, which of them have you always dreamed of becoming a reality?

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