Snapdragon 888 and Leica cameras


After a few weeks of rumors, Huawei confirmed that its P50 Pro phone officially arrives in Mexico

huawei continues to expand its catalog that it offers in Mexico with the arrival of its telephone P50Pro. Months after its launch, this terminal will arrive with Snapdragon 888 Y leica cameras.

Officially this smartphone was presented last July, however it only reached selected markets.

According to the company, fans of the brand will be able to acquire the P50Pro in the official online store, Huawei Experience Store. It will also be in the Telcel online store and on Amazon at a price of 26,999 pesos.

Huawei P50 Pro

As of February 10, this smartphone will already be available in Huawei Experience Store, and in physical stores of Telcel, AT&T, Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, Amazon and Mercado Libre.

huawei revealed that no matter where the P50 Pro is purchased, people will have the Huawei Watch GT 3.

It is IP68 certified with resistance to dust and water and has dual speakers for stereo sound. Due to restrictions, the device comes with a 4G chipset.

Huawei P50 Pro a mobile dedicated to photography

The P50Pro includes a 50 MP main lens; a 13 MP wide angle, with a 64 MP telephoto and a 40 MP Monochrome, in addition to a 13 MP selfie camera.

Huawei P50 Pro is aimed at all photography lovers as it has Huawei XD OPTICS technology that welcomes computational modifications to captures.

Huawei P50 Pro Design

According to the company, this technology is reflected in shots with more details and clarity with up to 25% more information in the image.

In addition, it also has XD Fusion Pro that focuses on obtaining wide dynamic ranges for photographs that combine areas with a lot of light and areas that are very dark.

To offer 50% more capacity to capture color, the Huawei P50 Pro has True-Chroma Shot technology, which is also used in its front camera.

In terms of zoom, it reaches 100 digital magnifications, but also the ultra wide-angle lens has a focal length equivalent to 13 millimeters.

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