Smatband Huawei Band 4 with more than 50% discount

Huawei Band 4 for less than half the price

It’s about the Huawei Band 4, a very very complete activity bracelet that thanks to the offer we find on Amazon, it is possible to get it for less than half its original price. Yes, you read that correctly, less than half, since it has a 51% discount.

Huawei band 4 side bracelet

Therefore, taking into account that its recommended price is 39 euros, with the discount applied, the final price is so only 19 euros. This represents a saving of 20 euros and allows you to buy one of the most attractive color screen smartbands at an irresistible price. A model that is also sold and shipped by Amazon and that offers a delivery time of just 3 business days with free delivery for Amazon Prime customers.

The Huawei Band 4 is available in a lot of colors, although the offer is available right now for the black and white bracelet.

Very complete bracelet

That Huawei model has a 0.96 inch full color touch screen It offers a great viewing experience. Screen that we can customize with the large number of spheres available, just as we can do by exchanging the straps, since we can find a multitude of models of different colors, closures and materials.

huawei band 4 bracelet USB charging

This Huawei Band 4 has multiple training modes and it incorporates 9 sports modes to track our workouts for cycling, elliptical, rowing, running or walking outdoors, etc. It is also a model that offers resistance to water, up to 5 atm and that has different capacities to control some aspects of our health such as continuous heart rate monitoring, the blood oxygen saturation wave sleep quality in its four phases. Of course, it is not a medical device nor is it intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

One of the highlights of this Huawei Band 4 is its built-in USB charging, that is, it allows you to charge the bracelet without having to use any cable or charger. And is that the bracelet itself has a built-in USB port that allows us to connect it to any socket with this type of port.

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