Smartwatches with high quality LTE connectivity at the best price

If you have come this far, it is surely because you are considering changing your old smartwatch or buying one, but this time it allows you to leave home without your mobile. The vast majority of models on the market allow us to receive notifications with text messages, WhatsApp, emails or even answer incoming calls. Now, for this it is necessary to have the watch correctly Synchronized with the mobile via Bluetooth.

This is very good, since it allows us to be aware of everything that comes to us on the mobile phone without having to take it out of our pocket. However, the models with LTE connectivity They allow the watch to have its own connectivity to be able to make calls, send messages or connect to the Internet.

One of the great advantages of these models is the freedom they offer us, since we can go out to play sports without having to carry your mobile although we are waiting for an important call, since we will receive it and we can attend from the clock itself. In addition, in case of having to make calls it is also possible from the smartwatch and we can even connect to the Internet without depending on a WiFi network within our reach.

For this, it is necessary to have a model with this type of connectivity and have your own SIM or eSIM card associated with our phone number. In this way, we can use the watch as a real mobile, although we must bear in mind that we will have an additional expense for the data consumption made from the watch and that it will have a higher battery consumption in this mode.

Smartwatches with LTE connectivity

Apple Watch Series 6

It is undoubtedly the reference smartwatch around the world. A complete smart watch with a careful design and excellent quality in all the materials used. Among the available versions, it has the one that allows us to use the watch as a mobile phone, being able to send and receive calls and messages without having to be synchronized with the iPhone. Of course, we must bear in mind that the use in this mode means that the battery does not last less time.

Apple Watch Series 6

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is another of the smartwatches with LTE technology under its classic watch appearance. However, it allows us to connect to the Internet to play streaming music, send messages or make calls without having it synchronized with the mobile. In addition, it is a complete watch to do sports or control certain aspects of our health.

samsung galaxy watch3 LTE

Apple Watch SE

It is known to many as the cheap version of the Apple Watch. A very complete clock that also has its particular LTE version with which we can make calls, send messages, use WhatsApp or play streaming music without having it synchronized with the iPhone and without depending on being connected to an external WiFi network.

apple watch SE LTE

OPPO Watch

With a design that reminds many of the Apple Watch itself, we also have the OPPO Watch. A watch with Google’s Wear OS operating system that offers LTE connectivity and stands out for its great battery life. And it is that with normal use, it is capable of offering us up to 21 days of use with a single charge. Another detail to highlight is its large 1.91-inch screen.


TicWatch Pro 3

Also with Wear OS operating system and LTE connectivity we find the TicWatch Pro 3, a complete smartwatch with heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, water resistant and a long battery life. A model with which it is also possible to make calls, send messages or connect to the Internet without depending on our mobile phone. In addition, it has integrated GPS and recording of a lot of sports.

ticwatch pro 3 LTE

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

With a very simple but at the same time attractive design, we find the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. A model with a 40 mm dial, water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and capable of recording all our workouts and a lot of sports. How could it be otherwise, by including it in this list, it is a smartwatch with LTE connectivity, which allows us to make calls, send messages or have Internet connectivity from the watch itself and independently of our smartphone.

samsung galaxy watch active 2 LTE

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Within the Samsung catalog, we find that the Galaxy Watch is another model that offers the LTE connectivity function through a SIM. A watch with integrated GPS to record all activities without having to carry the mobile and that also offers us independence with our smartphone to be able to make and receive calls and messages without having to carry the mobile with you.

samsung galaxy watch LTE

TicWatch Pro

It is a smartwatch with a premium design and LTE / 4G connection that has a long-lasting battery. A watch that becomes the personal trainer when we want to play sports and achieve goals and that is also waterproof. It has integrated GPS, heart rate and sleep monitor and incorporates certain interesting technologies such as TicMotion, capable of proactively detecting our movement or TicPulse, capable of monitoring the heart rate 24 hours a day.

TicWatch Pro LTE


At a cheaper price we find this other Docooler model, a smartwatch with LTE connectivity that has dual cameras and integrated GPS to record all our physical activity. A waterproof model equipped with the Android 10 operating system and a 1.6-inch round-shaped touch screen. The integrated battery offers an autonomy of up to 48 hours in standby, so we will have to charge it daily.

LTE Docooler


Among all the options on this list, this model is the cheapest option with a price of 196.15 euros. It is a watch with a huge 2.03-inch round screen that has an Android operating system inside. It is also equipped with an HD camera and offers 4G LTE connectivity to make calls from the watch without having to carry the mobile phone.


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