Smartwatch Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite on offer now for only 50 euros

The model we are talking about has a screen of 1.4 inch with HD resolution (and 323 dpi that ensure a very good visualization of what is shown), which perfectly meets everything that is needed, since among other things this is a component tactile and that it has a 2.5D finish that gives it a certain curvature on the sides and therefore fits perfectly in the smartwatch. By the way, if you wonder if the weight suffers from the aforementioned we must tell you that none of that, since this model is only 35 grams.

Side of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite smartwatch

Despite the low price that this model has by default, now much more attractive for the offer that you will discover later, it should be noted that all the functions that are common in smart watches are present in the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite. In this way, you do not lack the ability to manage the messages that lead to the clock with which it is synchronized (using technology Bluetooth), to be able to follow the physical exercise that is carried out on a daily basis and, even, you will be able to know from the heart rate that you usually have to the sleep quality. Therefore, and despite not having an operating system that allows the installation of applications, it includes everything you need.

A price that is very attractive

Well, the truth is that now is an excellent time to tell you about buying from a smart watch, since there is an offer on Amazon for what you save 15%, which means that you only have to pay 50.89 euros … a really low figure for a model that has a lot of quality, since among other things the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite allows you to change the strap that it includes to always give it a new look . We leave you the link that you have to use so as not to lose the opportunity we are talking about, taking into account that if you are a Prime user you will not have to pay anything for shipping costs.

Details that are important about the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

One of the most important is that this device has a 230 mAh battery which ensures that you can use it without having to resort to a plug up to a week. More than enough time to be considered a good option in this section. In addition, it should be noted that what has to do with compatibility with the different operating systems of mobile devices you will not find difficulty either, since both ios What Android They are options that the free application allows that you have to download to perform the synchronization.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite strap

Finally we want it to be important to indicate that because the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite has protection against water 5 atmospheres, you won’t have to take it off when you go for a run or the gym (it automatically recognizes up to eleven different sports). With all the indicated a possibility of purchase in the case that you need a new smart watch that is cheap but complete.

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