Smartwatch Ticwatch C2 on offer with a great discount of 32 euros

The model in question is the Ticwatch C2, 1 of the wearable accessories that the operating system uses Wear OS what is the one developed by the Mountain View company for this type of product and that among other virtues it has the ability to install a large number of applications (many of them free). Aesthetically this is an attractive device that has a round dial and has a highly finished black strap that can be considered traditional both in its appearance and in the type of buckle closure it uses. It is important to comment that regarding the weight of this model does not exceed 50 grams, so you will not notice anything that you are wearing.

Ticwatch C2 smartwatch in black color

One of the sections in which this Ticwatch smartwatch stands out is connectivity. Thanks to the use of Bluetooth to communicate with the phones it is possible to synchronize both those that include the iOS operating system and those that have Android. Also, this smartwatch is not lacking Wifi, which allows a fairly advanced independent use, such as when downloading information from the Internet or accessing data such as the weather itself. In addition, and this we believe is quite important, this is a model that has NFC so you can make mobile payments as a gateway comfortably and without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

Good offer that you should not miss

The promotion that exists and that we think is quite interesting can be taken advantage of in the Amazon store, so if you have a Prime account you will not have to pay anything for shipping costs to make the purchase from home. The fact is that we are talking about a 16% discount which allows you to only have to pay 173.11 euros. An opportunity to get a smartwatch with Wear OS. We leave the link that you have to use from your phone or computer so as not to miss the opportunity to make a purchase that will surely convince you.

Options that are positive in this Ticwatch smartwatch

On the one hand, it should be noted that this model offers resistance to both water and dust, since it is compatible with the standard IP68. This ensures that you will not have any problem with rain or sweat because wearing it when playing sports outside the home or in the gym is not a problem. In addition, it has a good number of sensors that allow it to acquire information on the daily physical activity that is carried out. Some of the highlights are a accelerometer, gyroscope and, of course, it also has its own heart rate so that the information is as accurate as possible (by the way, it does not lack GPS).

Ticwatch C2 black strap

We do not want to end without first mentioning that inside this Ticwatch smartwatch there is a battery of 400 mAh, which in principle promises up to two days of use which is a very good brand for a smart watch that has an operating system that allows the installation of applications and that has a 1.3 inch screen with an AMOLED type panel that reaches a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels.

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