Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch with a discount of 212 euros

One of the peculiarities that you should know about the model that is in promotion is that it has a color finish rose gold I wanted to make it stand out from the vast majority of accessories of the same type that are on the market (by the way, the strap accompanies the design and it is possible to change it quite easily). It should also be known that this wearable, apart from offering Bluetooth and WiFi connection, also has 4G. Therefore, the use on an individual basis is fully insured.

Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch screen

Another of the good details that this Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch offers is that it uses an operating system Tizen, which apart from offering good performance allows the installation of applications to specifically customize the device. This also ensures excellent compatibility with the phones with which it is synchronized, since it is possible to use both those that use ios like the ones they have inside Android. The fact is that you will not have any problem getting a large number of apps, many of them for free in the specific store that the manufacturer has.

A hardware that is devastating

We say this because the components chosen by Samsung ensure a performance that is well above what is achieved in other models with which it competes in the market. An example of what we say is that RAM amounts to 1.5 GB, which added to a dual-core processor ensures that all the actions you see performed on the smartwatch run smoothly and therefore you do not have a bad experience due to the existence of lag of any kind. By the way, it does not lack a good amount of storage space (four gigabytes) to be able to save even audio tracks that can be played by using Bluetooth headphones that are synchronized with this wearable.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Sensor

Don’t miss the train to buy this Samsung smartwatch

The truth is that you will rarely find an offer as interesting as the one that exists right now to buy this smartwatch. Right now it comes to 56%, which means a saving of no less than 212.01 euros … an impressive figure for a good quality smartwatch. Also, and this we do not know if it will last long, you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs what is an addition that we believe increases the attractiveness of the purchase. We leave you the link that you must use to take advantage of this opportunity right now and make the purchase calmly from home.

Before concluding we believe that it is important to comment that the screen included in this Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch is type AMOLED I have 1.2 inches and it has an excellent resolution so you will see everything quite accurately. In addition, it complies with the autonomy that is expected of a model that allows the installation of applications and, as usual, the products of the Korean company protection against water It is present so you will not have any problem due to sweat or rain.

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