Smartwatch Huawei Watch GT2 on offer with one of its biggest sales

This is a model that means a turning point for the manufacturer we are talking about when it comes to having a reference in the market and competing against the rest. And the truth is that what we are talking about, you have compelling reasons to be an excellent purchase option. An example of what we say is that it has a screen 1.39-inch AMOLED offering excellent resolution of 454 x 454 pixels. This is combined with advanced protection and reduced consumption, which is why we are talking about 1 of the best panels that exist in current smartwatches.

Huawei Watch GT2 screen

What has to do with autonomy there is also excellent news, since the integrated battery in the Huawei Watch GT2 allows it to offer up to 14 days of use without having to recharge it (and here it should also be noted that there is a quick option that allows you to have enough energy to get through the day in less than an hour). It is also important to mention that if the GpsObviously, the times are low, but they remain at an excellent 40 hours, so you will be able to complete competitions and training without the slightest difficulty.

Sensors of all kinds in the Huawei Watch GT2

One of the great uses that smart watches are given today is to be an inseparable companion when doing sports, since with it it is possible to recognize the physical activity with great precision. And for this, the Asian company has decided to integrate a large number of sensors to achieve this. Some examples of what we say are integrating accelerometer; gyroscope; air pressure; compass; and, of course, the heart rate itself. The truth is that quantity and variety it’s excellent.

Side of the smart watch Huawei Watch GT2

If to this you add to the aforementioned that is included protection against water, it is really clear that you will not have any problem to measure the steps you take during the day; know the kilometers that you have traveled on a bike; and even the distance you have reached when you swim in the pool. By the way, you have Additional functions What you are going to find in this Huawei Watch GT2 is being able to know the quality of sleep, the level of oxygen you have in your blood and, also, if you are stressed or not.

The big discount for this smartwatch

If you have been convinced by what you have read so far, surely when you know that you can buy this device in the PcComponentes store with a 38% discount, you decide to take the step and make the purchase. Also, right now it is important that you know that you do not have to pay nothing for shipping costs In the event that you decide to use the link that we leave below, why you make the purchase of this black smartwatch.

Before concluding, we believe that it is important to note that synchronization with smartphones is done through the use of technology Bluetooth 5.0, and that there is a free download application that works for both iOS terminals and those that use the Android operating system. An excellent opportunity for a very good smartwatch that even has side buttons, one of which is programmable so that it has the function that you decide.

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