Smartwatch Huawei Watch FIT with color screen at the best price

The model that is on sale right now is the well-known online store has a pink strap, and is accompanied by a finish on its casing of metal that fits like a glove with the design. With a screen of 1.64 inch and rectangular in shape, it should be noted that this component is type AMOLED so it ensures excellent image quality while not consuming much power. Despite all that has been said, this device is not excessively heavy, since its weight remains so only 21 grams. You will not notice that you are wearing it at any time.

Huawei Watch FIT smartwatch screen

It is important to mention that the operating system that you are going to find inside this Huawei Watch FIT is proprietary, and it does not lack everything that is usually needed to take advantage of a wearable. An example is that it has all the necessary applications to carry the control of the physical activity you do and, of course, it also allows manage media playback both on the phone and the songs inside. Something to highlight is the excellent autonomy offered by the smartwatch we are talking about, since with just one charge it is able to work for 10 days No problem. It is not the best on the market, but it does stand out.

Offer that we recommend you take advantage of

This has become another of the great virtues of the smart watch that we are talking about right now. The reason is that on Amazon you can now take advantage of a discount that reaches 39%, which represents a saving of 50 euros. A very considerable figure for a complete smartwatch and one that is among the best on the market. The fact is that the only thing you have to pay is € 79, without having to add anything to the shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account (and you receive the product the day after making the purchase). We leave you below you must use to get this interesting product:

Things that stand out in the Huawei Watch FIT

One of them has to do with the large number of functions you can do to use it. Apart from being able to see it now, the climate of the place where you are and even use it as a daily alarm; With this device you can know from oxygen that you have in your blood (oximeters), through the level of stress that you have in your day to day, and, of course, you can even recognize 96 different training modes to know exactly the sport you do at all times. Here it is striking that it is possible from acquiring information when you go on a bike to if you practice yoga.

Side of the Huawei Watch FIT

The Huawei Watch FIT will also help you to keep track of the notifications that reach the phone with which it is synchronized (which can be iOS and also Android), and you will not have any problem when wearing it even in the most adverse conditions that as expected, it does not lack 5 atmospheres water protection. By the way, this model does not lack a GPS built-in, you can use it independently without much trouble.

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