Smartwatch Huawei Watch Fit with a great offer and no shipping costs

This is a variable that is very complete and that offers some options that make it inferential and, therefore, an excellent purchase option. An example of what we say is its fantastic screen of 1.64 inch that has an intensity of colors something that is achieved thanks to the fact that its panel is type AMOLED and therefore it looks great both indoors and outdoors. And, be careful, what we have indicated does not make the weight of this device excessive, since it is only 21 grams… A figure that can be considered almost ridiculous.

Green Huawei Watch Fit smartwatch

On the other hand, it is what has to do with autonomy, essential in this type of accessories, the news offered by the Huawei Watch Fit is excellent. Thanks to a very well chosen hardware (such as its DK3.5 + ST processor that is not very demanding in energy consumption) since its battery is of 180 mAh, you can get 10 days of use without the slightest problem with just one charge. In addition, in this section it should be noted that this is a model that has fast charging, which allows you to get what you need to get through the day completely in five minutes. One of the best on the market, there is no doubt.

Excellent offer… Don’t miss it!

The promotion we are talking about is available in the eBay store, which is synonymous with reliability, and allows you to get this smartwatch with a 31% discount. This means that you only have to pay 75 euros to have the product at home and without having to add anything for shipping costs. An excellent opportunity for a complete smartwatch that will surely solve all the needs you may have. And this is so whether you have an operating system ios What Android on the phone with which you are going to synchronize it, since by using Bluetooth technology the compatibility is excellent.

Things that make the Huawei Watch Fit striking

One of them is that it offers everything you need to be an excellent partner when it comes to playing sports, since for example it includes protection against water with five atmospheres, so you can even bathe with it in the pool. Without missing a GPS, which allows information to be acquired very precisely, it also has a large number of sensors such as a three-axis accelerometer and the heart rate itself, which allows it to be possible to recognize up to 96 training modes different (many of them automatically, such as if you go for a run or practice yoga).

Huawei Watch Fit sensor

With a very striking finish that also provides a high resistance (If you want to change the Huawei Watch Fit strap you can also do this without the slightest problem), there are many additional functions that are included in this wearable. An example is that you can with him you know the oxygen you have in your blood; allows you to turn it into the daily alarm with which you will wake up by means of vibration; and you can even manage notifications as well as the calls you receive on the phone with which you have it synchronized.

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