Smartwatch Amazfit T-Rex of great resistance and autonomy at the best price

Regardless of the sport you practice or what your hobbies are, surely having a smartwatch on your wrist can be of great help. And it is that today’s smartwatches have certain capabilities that, although a priori we do not use them every day, can be of great help at certain times. If you have an adventurous spirit, you may be looking for a smartwatch that will accompany you anywhere without being easily damaged. Well, in this case, one of your best allies will undoubtedly be the Amazfit T-Rex, a smartwatch with great resistance and performance at a very good price and that in addition, it is now possible to buy it with a significant discount.

Military grade resistance

The first thing we perceive as soon as we see this watch is just that, resistance, solidity and durability. And it is that this Amazfit T-Rex has surpassed nothing more and nothing less than 12 military certifications, which undoubtedly guarantees its great resistance and reliability in all types of adverse environments. It is even a model capable of resisting sudden changes in temperature in a short space of time, being able to withstand up to 70 degrees of heat and 40 degrees below zero.

Amazfit T-Rex front smartwatch

In addition to its great robustness and resistance to all kinds of shocks, falls or temperatures, it is a model that is also resistant to water, submersible up to 5 ATM, so we can carry it without problems while swimming in a pool, rivers, seas, etc. It has 14 integrated sport modes to record all our activity and keep an exhaustive control of our workouts and of course, it has an uninterrupted heart rate sensor.

A sensor that being constantly checking our heart rate, It is capable of showing alerts when it detects measurements that are out of the ordinary, that is, values ​​that are too high or too low for our heart rate.

How could it be otherwise, this Amazfit T-Rex uses a high-quality Sony chip and an integrated high-precision dual satellite positioning system. In this way, it is able to offer a more accurate and faster location. Taking into account that when we go on an adventure we will not be able to have any plug nearby, the Asian manufacturer has equipped this model with a large capacity battery and a low consumption chip to provide the greatest possible autonomy. This means that we can use it up to 20 hours in a row in GPS mode or up to 66 days in basic mode.

It has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen that allows it to be activated continuously and many other interesting functions such as weather forecast, event reminders, calls and all kinds of notifications and messages.

Irresistible price for the Amazfit T-Rex

This Amazfit T-Rex is a smartwatch that despite its great features, functions and benefits has a very very moderate official price, just 139.90 euros. Now, thanks to the offer that we show you below, it is possible to buy it at a reduced price of only 89.99 euros. A price that makes it one of the most resistant smartwatches for any adventure and at the best price.

Side Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

This means a saving of around 50 euros on the purchase of this incredible smartwatch. An offer that also includes free shipping and offers a delivery time of just one or two business days.

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