Smartwatch Amazfit Bip S with an unbeatable discount and free shipping

Without including an operating system that allows you to install applications from cloud stores, one of the things that are quite clear in this smartwatch is that they offer everything you need by default to be able to manage the notifications that reach the phones with which it is synchronized until it follows quite precisely all kinds of sport that you do in your day to day. Therefore, it is quite possible that you do not have to look for absolutely anything else to be happy with this model.

Notifications on the Amazfit Bip S

One of the things that we think is quite positive in this Amazfit Bip S is that it has a fairly large protection, creating an ideal model to be a good companion for lovers in the practice of physical activities (such as running, for example. for riding a bike). One of the reasons we say this is that the device we are talking about offers protection against water up to 5 atmospheres, so you can even wear it when you go swimming in the pool – and sweat doesn’t affect it at all. By the way, its design is quite striking, since it has, among other things, a side button that executes functions automatically.

Do not hesitate: take advantage of the offer

The truth is that few times in the Amazon store we have seen a 36% discount to get this product. This means that you save 25.09 euros a fairly considerable quote considering that this is a device that by default does not have a very high price. With the possibility of changing the strap of the Amazfit Bip S, something that is always positive, since it even makes it possible to change the appearance of the equipment, we leave you the link that you have to use to make the purchase where you will not have to pay nothing for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account.

Positive things about the Amazfit Bip S

One of the ones that we think should be taken into account is its wide compatibility due to the fact that it is synchronized using technology Bluetooth, which means that you can use this smartwatch with both iOS and those that use Android. If you wonder about the screen that this accessory has, it must be said that it is rectangular with dimensions of 1.28 inch and that it has a good enough resolution so that you can see the content with more than enough precision. By the way, this component includes protection Gorilla Glass 3, which allows it to withstand daily use quite well, since small bumps and falls do not affect it at all.

Amazfit Bip S smartwatch in black color

With all that we have said and taking into account that the number of functions offered by the Amazfit Bip S are very wide, an example is that it allows you to track the heart rate because you can control multimedia reproductions directly from the smartwatch, we want to highlight that The autonomy offered by this model is very wide, since it can reach the 40 days of typical use (and also that it does not lack GPS). Without a doubt an excellent purchase option that barely weighs 31 grams.

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