Smartwatch Amazfit Bip S on sale now for less than 50 euros

This model lacks absolutely nothing to be a good solution for all types of users. An example of what we say is that it has a screen of 1, 28 inches which displays color images with a resolution of 176 x 176 pixels. In other words, all the information managed can be seen quite well even outdoors. Some additional options that should be known about this component is that the panel has a certain curvature on the sides and that it does not lack protection Gorilla Glass 3, which avoids damage in the usual bumps or falls that usually occur.

Amazfit Bip S smartwatch in black color

Continuing with the protection section, there are things that must be taken into account in this Amazfit Bip S. An example is that it does not lack its own against water, which becomes a whole life insurance, since this is of 5 atmospheres and. Thus. Neither sweat nor bathing in the pool with this smartwatch is a problem. In what has to do with design it is important to mention that this is an accessory that is finished in high quality plastic that offers good resistance and that, in addition, has a fairly low weight, since it only reaches 31 grams including the strap (which can obviously be changed).

Offer that you should not miss

Right now on Amazon there is an excellent promotion that allows you to buy this smartwatch for only 49.90 euros. An amount almost of laughter for a smartwatch that is very complete, since we are talking about a discount which is located in the 29%. Without having to pay anything for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account, we leave you below the link to make the purchase of this device that is compatible with both ios as with Android.

Important details of the Amazfit Bip S

One of those that is basic is to know that thanks to the fact that the operating system is proprietary and adapts perfectly to the hardware that is inside this wearable accessory, and that the battery is 200 mAh, autonomy is achieved that reaches to one week of use without the slightest problem. This makes it one of the most complete on the market, without being the best, and it is sure to be fully convincing in regular use. Battery charging is done using a USB cable connected to an additional adapter.

Sensor of a samratwatch

Finally, it should be noted that this Amazfit Bip S allows the management of notifications that arrive at the synchronized phone through Bluetooth and, in addition, the number of sensors is more than enough to acquire physical activity that is carried out daily without problems (it has, among other things, accelerometer and, of course, with the heart rate itself). Without a doubt, a good purchase option.

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