Smartphones gamers, an excellent investment either for games or for those who use all kinds of apps

As you already know, in Telcel we have the largest variety of brands and models that you can find in the country, so now we want to recommend that, if you are looking for a new smartphone, you take into account the various gamers phones that not only offer you great functionality, but you can also find them with Telcel at the best prices on the market.

One of the main trends in next-generation Smartphones is gaming, the ability to connect online, play games in high definition and live the best gaming experience is one of the main attributes that users are looking for. But what is a gaming smartphone?

In general, a gaming smartphone is designed to guarantee a complete gaming experience including the screen, processing power, battery life, connectivity, and multimedia experience.


Undoubtedly this element is one of the main attributes in a gamer device and, although in general most smartphones have the ability to play games, few have dedicated functions for this section. At this point, the development carried out by the chipset manufacturer MediaTek and its HyperEnginne technology stands out.

Xiaomi Redmi 9

This technological solution allows the efficient processing of games in three very relevant aspects:

(1) Connectivity: For you to live a fluid gaming experience, connectivity is essential. Without it, even if you had the best screen on the market, you could not have a good gaming experience and MediaTek guarantees this connectivity with its intelligent connectivity engine that guarantees that you have the best signal.
(2) Answer: Just as important as connection speed is ensuring that your game responds appropriately. In this section, MediaTek, through its intelligent response engine, adjusts the touch response of the screen and the video encoding so that the experience is totally fluid.
(3) Resource management: In addition to the two previous points, maintaining a balance between each of the elements is essential since it is not only about obtaining a good experience, but that it is durable, that is, that it can be adjusted energy consumption and resource use so that the battery can give us several hours of play, all with the intelligent resource management engine.

Gamer phones with MediaTek processors have an exclusive technology called HyperEngine that optimizes and manages all the components of the phone in a smart way so that they can offer the best performance during games and in this way ensure you the best experience and that your gaming sessions last longer .

Galaxy A32
Galaxy A32

Gamer-style audio and multimedia

So that you can fully enjoy your hours of play, it is also essential that the audio is of very good quality, whether you use the speaker of the equipment or if you connect your favorite headphones. Some smartphone models offer enhanced audio systems like Dolby Atmos to make your music or gaming experience even more immersive.

In the cameras section, gaming mobiles generally offer a great camera system for photography and video that, in the case of MediaTek processors, is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence system called Imagiq that improves the quality of images, photos and videos in general so that you always get the best shot without having to be an expert.


At Telcel we have excellent gaming teams that will allow you to exploit your gamer side and that will also allow you to spend hours connected with your loved ones. If playing games is not your thing, you can also take advantage of all the advanced functions of these devices to take excellent photos, connect to your favorite social networks and use any productivity app you require.

Get to know the gaming smartphones that Telcel has for you, such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S, Xiaomi Redmi 9, Oppo A93, Huawei Y9a, Oppo Reno 5 Lite or Samsung A32 and enjoy them with #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest coverage in Mexico.


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