SmartGyro Xtreme XD electric scooter at the lowest price

If we need to travel many kilometers a day, then we will have no choice but to bet on an electric scooter that offers us great autonomy, although normally this is associated with an increase in price. However, if you are one of those who do not need to travel many kilometers a day, it is not necessary that you have to spend a lot on an electric scooter. Now, you can get this SmartGyro model at an incredible price.

Basic but very complete model

Its about SmartGyro Xtreme XD, an electric scooter with 8-inch wheels and three driving modes or speeds. It is equipped with a motor brushless, front suspension, a pneumatic front wheel for greater driving comfort and a solid rear wheel. On the handlebar it has a display or multifunction screen from where we can choose the speed or gear we want to go, distance traveled, battery level, etc.

Smartgyro Xtreme XD electric scooter

A scooter oriented for the youngest, but that supports a weight of up to 70 kg. It also incorporates taillights and has a 6,600 mAh capacity battery that is capable of giving this SmartGyro Xtreme XD scooter a range of up to 18 km. Autonomy that we can achieve with a total of between 3 and 4 hours of charge.

A model that we can also easily fold to transport or store easily, since it also has a light structure that makes the scooter not too heavy. The dimensions of the scooter are 110 x 41 x 102 cm and has a weight of about 10 kg.

The motor with which this electric scooter is equipped allows it to reach a maximum speed of 24 km / h and it is a high quality motor that has been simplified and does not have a belt or bearings to make maintenance easier and thus avoid certain types of breakdowns.

SmartGyro Xtreme XD electric scooter on sale

A scooter that has a very reasonable price, being the recommended price of 249 euros, but that we can get now at a lower price. Specifically, we can find this SmartGyro Xtreme XD scooter with a 24% discount on Amazon, which allows us to save almost 60 euros on your purchase.

Smartgyro xtreme xd folded electric scooter

In this way, your final price stays at 189.90 euros, a more than affordable and very attractive price considering the benefits of this electric scooter. The product is shipped and sold by Amazon, so it offers a delivery time of just one day, being able to benefit from free shipping if we are users subscribed to the Amazon Prime service of the online shopping giant.

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