Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on offer with its best discount ever

This is the most advanced model that this manufacturer has launched to date, since the model we are talking about includes an improvement over the previous generation and manages to remain one of the best wearables currently on the market. An example of what we say is that the screen of this accessory has a screen of 1.56 inch and keeps the type panel AMOLED with a pixel density of 326 dpi. Therefore, there is more space to review the information that is displayed and, of course, being able to do this outdoors does not entail any difficulty.

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 bracelet in black color

An important detail regarding the aforementioned is that the increase in the size of the screen does not imply any reduction in the autonomy of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on offer. Thanks to the inclusion of a battery of 125 mAh and the integrated hardware does not need much energy to function, it is possible to reach two weeks of use without having excessive restrictions. By the way, that recharging is done with a new magnetic system which is much smaller and easier to use, so there is improvement here too.

Get the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on sale from home

Right now you can get this product with an excellent 44% discount, so we are talking about almost half of what you would usually have to pay to get it from home. In this way, to get this complete smart bracelet you have to pay a little less than 28 euros, an excellent opportunity in our opinion. The model in question is the one with a black silicone sports strap, so it fits in any situation and, a very positive detail, is that the promotion includes full savings on shipping costs. An excellent occasion there is no doubt.

Options that this accessory has

The truth is that everything that is necessary to consider a smart bracelet as good quality is included in this device, since due to the large number of sensors it includes it is capable of detecting automatically sports most common ones that are practiced, such as running, cycling or swimming. For the latter, it should be noted that the waterproof It offers 5 atmospheres, so you will not have problems with sweat or with showers in gyms. By the way, it is also interesting to know that with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 on offer you can from knowing the quality of sleep you have on a day-to-day or blood oxygen level.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 smartband screen

With the possibility of easily changing the strap of the Mi Band 6, there are already high-quality models such as those suitable for sports, it should be mentioned that the compatibility it offers when synchronizing phones is excellent, since when using Bluetooth 5.0 is not going to have a problem with Android and, neither, with ios. You will have to download an application that is free. The truth is that the existing offer is a great option that you should not pass up an accessory that is capable of even controlling the music playback of the smartphone.

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