Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 5 reduced to 29 euros and with free shipping

This is the model that right now can be considered as a best seller, since the quality / price ratio is excellent. In addition, it has a large number of options that make it a fairly complete wearable and that, for example, is a excellent companion when it comes to sports both outdoors and in the gym. For this, it has a good number of sensors, such as the heart rate sensor, and it does not lack waterproof that allows you to swim with the device on and that sweat is not a problem.

Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 5 black

Another thing that draws attention to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 smartband is that, despite the fact that it has a larger screen than the previous generation (it is 1.1 inch with an AMOLED panel that has a fairly high brightness), it maintains the two weeks of normal use to position itself as one of the best currently on the market. By the way, the charging system is now much easier to use, something that was highly demanded by users.

Great offer to buy this smart bracelet

Right now you can get this accessory for an amount that is most attractive: only 29.98 euros. That is, one of the lowest prices that this device has had, and therefore, it is an excellent opportunity (since, in addition, you have a Prime account you can have it at home without adding anything for shipping costs). With a quality finish and the possibility of changing the strap of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, we leave the link of purchase that you have to use to not miss this promotion that we think is the most interesting.

Good options of this Xiaomi Mi Band 5 smartband

The truth is that it is surprising that a bracelet with its price offers so many possibilities of use. Thus, for example, the physical activity carried out throughout the day is detected quite efficiently, without missing the possibility of knowing the quality of sleep or blood oxygen saturation. In addition, the management of notifications is most effective, since by synchronizing with Bluetooth, you can achieve this without problems both in terminals iOS as in those that use the operating system Android (the control application is downloaded for free in the official stores).

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with water

With a weight below 25 grams and functions as striking as being able to use it as a trigger for the camera you have on your mobile, the offer we are talking about is an excellent possibility to get the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 smartband in black color and in this way take a leap in quality when using a smart bracelet.

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