Smartband Samsung Galaxy Fit2 on sale at Amazon and with free shipping

This is a wearable accessory that among other things includes a screen of 1.1 inch in full color that allows displaying all the information acquired accurately and with good definition (in part this is achieved due to the fact that the panel is type AMOLED, which also makes it look good outdoors). This is a component that has a curved finish that gives it a very striking appearance and that has a resolution of 126 x 294 pixels. That is, it fulfills perfectly for now to be decisive and fit into the plastic body of the smartband.

Red Samsung Galaxy Fit2 bracelet

The Samsung Galaxy Fit2, like any good current smart bracelet, has advanced connectivity, among which it stands out Bluetooth 5.0 (which ensures perfect compatibility with all mobile device operating systems) and, in addition, it has Wifi which allows you to get the most out of it independently, something that is not exactly very common in many of the models with which it competes in the market. It is important to highlight this device that it is one of the lightest currently available, which makes it very comfortable to use. The fact is that it stays in just 21 grams.

Offer that you should take advantage of for this bracelet

Right now you can take advantage of a good 17% discount in the Amazon store, which allows you to only have to pay 28.90 euros to have it at home (without adding anything for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account). With the possibility of swap the strap If you wish, which is always positive, since it allows you to give the accessory a new look, we leave below the link that you have to use to be able to make the purchase reliably and comfortably from your own home.

Good options on the Samsung Galaxy Fit2

It does not lack those that are important to be sure that you will not have problems when using this complete smartband on a day-to-day basis. An example of what we say is that it has compatibility with the IP68 standard, which allows use under water at a depth of up to 5 atmospheres. This means that neither rain nor sweat will affect it in the least. In addition, a high-resistance finish is included so that the usual blows do not affect anything either.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 sensor

Finally, it is important to comment that the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 has a good number of sensorsAmong those who do not lack the heart rate itself or a good accelerometer, the data that these acquire combined with the free application that is installed on the phones allows us to know quite precisely the physical activity you do in all kinds of situations. It is even capable of indicating the quality of sleep.

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