Smartband Amazfit Band 5 with its best offer for only 28 euros

This wearable competes from you to you with any model that you can currently find on the market, since for example it does not lack a 1.1-inch AMOLED-type screen that shows the information in full color and that has more than enough dimensions to visualize the contents in an excellent way in all kinds of situations. But if there is something that makes this model completely different from the competition, it is direct compatibility with Amazon’s voice assistant called Alexa. In this way, use your voice to learn information or to set an alarm.

Smartband Amazfit Band 5 black

Finished in black and with a highly resistant silicone bracelet, which you can change without problems in the Amazfit Band 5, another of the good details that you will find in this product is everything that has to do with the autonomy. With regular use it reaches the 15 days without having to restrict anything you want to do, so we are talking about one of the best models on the market, but it should also be noted that it offers a saving mode that allows you to reach up to twenty-five days, a figure available to very few devices of this type. Come on, you can get to the fortnight of vacations without having to resort to the charger at any time.

The discount that you must take into account

Right now in the Amazon store you can buy this interesting smart bracelet with its lowest price to date, since the discount that exists is 36%. This allows you to only have to pay 28.90 euros to have the product at home and, in the case of having a Prime account, you do not have to add anything for shipping costs (and you receive it the day after making the purchase) . We leave you the link that you have to use to get this wearable from home and not miss the opportunity to get a smartband that does not lack NFC.

Usage options for the Amazfit Band 5

The wide functionality offered by this model, leaving aside what we have mentioned about Alexa, is really important, since among other things it allows you to know from the heart rate you have at any time of the day; examine the notifications that come to the phone with which it is synchronized; check the amount of oxygen in the blood; and even the quality of sleep, something that is quite important and useful. To all this, we must add that you can control media playback directly with the smart bracelet or use the compatible app ios Y Android and that allows you to evaluate your health at all times thanks to the system called Huami-PAI.

smartband Amazfit Band 5

Yes miss the Amazfit Band 5 water resistance up to five atmospheres, which is all life insurance when you do sports, it is important to indicate that it is capable of automatically recognizing up to eleven different types of exercises, among which there is no need to walk on a treadmill; go for a run; to swim; Bicycling; and even jump rope. The truth is that evaluating the price that this product has right now due to the offer it is quite possibly the best purchase option that you are going to find in the market.

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